More race dates may come soon

Will Hollywood Park fold?
The Breeders Cup at Santa Anita on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25 is a major topic of conversation at race tracks, but there’s also a lotta talk about the Hollywood Park dates that could be up for grabs in 2010 if in fact Hollypark sez, “We’re outta here.” Recently it was reported that Fairplex (Los Angeles County Fairground) at Pomona will eliminate its livestock program during the fair. This would allow the livestock barns to be demolished clearing the way for the 5/8th mile track to be expanded to a full mile that is needed for attracting major stables if it secures some of the Hollypark days. Assemblyman Martin Garrick has introduced a legislative bill that will allow additional racing dates at Del Mar. Hollywood Park ran a 60-day meet this spring and will have a shorter meet following the Oak Tree meet now under way at Santa Anita. Which of these days would be attractive to Del Mar? In the past, it has conducted fall and winter racing with minimal success. More summer racing might be the answer, however, that could impact the San Diego County Fair, which is ranked among the largest and most prestigious in North America. Stay tuned for developments.
Gas cards
Early on when gas prices took off like a rocket, loyal “Eye on the Coast” readers will recall it was opined that politicians didn’t necessarily feel your pain because they use gas cards paid for by taxpayers. Associated Press has now come out with an extensive revelation that politicians do in fact use these cards. It is estimated that taxpayers have ponied up more than 200 grand this year to fill the electeds’ gas tanks.
Nix on fire tax prop
Flower Capital electeds have joined the growing list of municipalities opposing the countywide annual property tax to subsidize a fire protection program. It will appear on the November ballot and an affirmative vote will clear the way for assessing at least a $52 annual fee on every parcel in the county. Fifty percent of the fee will be returned to the cities. Folks are asking, “A $52 fee to get back $26?”
SANDAG retreat relocated
San Diego Association of Governments has relocated its annual winter retreat from Borrego Springs to Harrah’s Casino & Resort in Valley Center. Sez it will save more than 15 grand. Tiz said the retreat was held in a faraway place for more peace and quiet and a better opportunity for electeds to ponder regional issues. Perhaps some of the electeds can score big at the tables and slots and contribute their winnings to some of the sagging budgets facing some of the cities.
Halloween doin’s
Lotsa Halloween activities scheduled everywhere. One of these is being sponsored by Del Mar Village Association and Del Mar branch of the County Library on Oct. 26. It’s a pre-dark event from 2 to 5 p.m. On tap are a pet costume contest, magic show, face painting and of course, treats at most of the stores for the young ‘uns. Early enough in the day so the moppets can comb their neighborhoods for additional goodies later.
O’side lookin’ toward
the future
O’side City Council has allocated $260,000 bux for a specific plan designed to revitalize the bizness district from the city’s northern boundary of historic 101 to the southern end. Council electeds are expected to get first look of the plan in the spring.
Missing from photo op
Traditionally when the state budget is signed by the governor, there’s a bevy of high-profile electeds staring at the camera with wide grins on their kissers during a photo op. No such happening this time. Weren’t the electeds proud of the fact they were 85 days late with the budget and the product they produced assures the 2010 budget will be out of kilter from day one?
Flower Fields
Those colorful strawberry and flower fields in south C’bad that attract visitors from the entire universe every winter may be assured of a long life if City Council protects them with proper zoning now being considered.
Ocean debris
Junk in the ocean is a worldwide concern. In Hawaii, where tourism is the No. 1 industry becuz of its beautiful beaches, Associated Press has reported that birds and marine life are developing digestive problems becuz they are confusing plastics with food products. It has been reported seals are becoming entangled in discarded fish nets. Sound familiar?
Colony Olivenhain is presenting its annual German fest in the meeting hall Oct. 12 from noon to 4 p.m. Halloween treats for the kiddies and music by Earl Flores & Band Diego are scheduled. Authentic German food will be available from the kitchen of Tip Top Meats.
Nite flying choppers
Diego fire rescue department and Cal Fire have reached an agreement to allow fire deterrent choppers to fly at night during wild fires. This was a major bone of contention last fall when military craft stood by ready to take to the sky but were denied permission.
One liners
C’bad electeds have postponed enacting higher water and sewer rates … Metrolink spokeslady Denise Tyrell was canned for immediately releasing accurate information regarding last month’s Metrolink wreck that caused more than two dozen deaths … Movie Fun Nite for students in seventh through ninth grade will be held at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 17 and Nov. 21 at Encinitas Community Center gym … Construction of the national cemetery at Miramar has been delayed pending a mitigation agreement to protect fairy shrimp found in a vernal pool … The annual fall plant sale at Quail Botanical Gardens will be held Oct. 18 and Oct. 19 … Margo Oakley, volunteer recruitment chair, sez she needs local folks to staff the San Dieguito Heritage Museum Wednesdays through Fridays, no previous experience necessary … Leucadia Nite, a walkabout on 101, will be held Oct. 18 from 6 to 9 p.m. and will feature old surf flicks at Roadside Park and awarding of prizes to winners of a fun card game.

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