Money management problems solved

RANCHO SANTA FE — During these economically challenging times, many people find it difficult to pay their bills. Some are short of money, while others simply find the task of paying their bills and keeping their money in order a challenge. Bills go unpaid, late fees are charged, and overdraft charges kick in.
Enter Roz Odmark. A daily money manager, Odmark provides a service to Rancho Santa Fe residents to pay their bills, set up and maintain online money management systems, transfer money, prepare financial reports and organize tax documents. “I have a wide variety of clients,” Odmark said. “From couples in their 40s who are too busy to pay bills, to retirees in their 80s who are ready to turn those responsibilities over to someone else.”
Odmark has been a resident of Rancho Santa Fe for the past 10 years and is passionate about the work she does. “I sleep well at night knowing I’ve helped others get their bills paid,” she said. She gained experience working in the finance departments of companies for 30 years, so 10 years ago she decided it was time to go into business for herself. “I don’t advertise, my clients are strictly referrals — word-of-mouth. All of my clients are in the Rancho Santa Fe area so I can travel to them easily.”
Odmark clearly enjoys doing what others find challenging. “Some people are very disorganized and they’re apologizing from the time I walk in the door.” She puts the pieces of their financial puzzle together. “It’s like I’m a detective,” she said. “And it feels great to help close a chapter on a book.”
For the past several years, Odmark has provided pro bono accounting services to the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society. “It’s a chance to give back to the community,” she said. When she’s not paying someone’s bills, Odmark is an avid golfer, scuba diver and loves to cycle. “And I love doing a good Sudoku puzzle just before I go to bed.”
For more information on the daily money management services that Roz Odmark provides, she can be contacted at Rox.dmm@