The Mizel Family Foundation is proposing renaming the Encinitas library branch after Patricia Mizel, the wife of Steven Mizel, a philanthropist and investor. File photo
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Mizel Foundation offers $2 million to rename library

ENCINITAS — A family known for its philanthropy throughout the region has offered Encinitas $2 million to have the local branch of the San Diego County Library named after one of its members.

The Mizel Family Foundation has proposed renaming the library branch after Patricia Mizel, the wife of Steven Mizel, a philanthropist and investor.

Since 2007, the family has matched Encinitas’ $75,000 annual community grant program, doubling the amount of money the city can award to local groups and nonprofits.

The Mizel Foundation has also donated to a number of other organizations around the region, including the Jewish Federation of San Diego County.

In exchange for the naming rights in perpetuity, the Mizel foundation is offering the city $2 million — $1.5 million of which would go directly to the city and $500,000 to the Friends of the Encinitas Library group.

The gift would be structured so the city would receive $500,000 after a memorandum of understanding is signed and naming sign is installed — $375,00 to the city and $125,000 to the Friends of the Library. Both entities would receive the same allotment each year until the gift is fully paid.

The Mizel Family recently had a library named after Steven and Patricia at a high school in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba.

While the offer was directed to the mayor’s office, Kristin Gaspar said she couldn’t participate in the deliberation or vote on the item due to an undisclosed financial conflict of interest with the foundation.

A representative of the Mizel Foundation could not be reached for comment. The Coast News has reached out to the county for comment and will update the story when a response is received.

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G August 8, 2016 at 10:08 am

I read somewhere that the money to rename should be five million dollars instead of just two million. I agree with that.

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