A grocery store could become part of the Mission Cove mixed-used development. City restrictions will not allow alcohol sales on the property. Photo by Promise Yee
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Mini market may be part of Mission Cove mixed-use project

OCEANSIDE — The Mission Cove mixed-use low-income housing project may include a mini market. The Planning Commission was informed of building height changes to allow a small grocery store to be one of the three on-site businesses at its Feb. 8 meeting.

City Planner Jeff Hunt said a taller height would allow store ventilation systems.

In an interview following the meeting, Lesley Edwards, National Community Renaissance vice president of project development, said at this point there is not a confirmed tenant, but the additional height enables the space to accommodate a market.

“It’s a possibility, we do not have anybody committed,” Edwards said.

The city has passed a site-specific regulation that does not allow alcohol sales by businesses located within the mixed-use city/nonprofit project.

Elsewhere in the city alcohol displays in grocery stores are limited to 25 percent of shelf space. Stores that stock more alcohol are deemed liquor stores.

Behind the tan construction fence on Mission Avenue dirt is starting to be leveled. To date preliminary infrastructure and grading have begun. The first phase of building will start in April and include precise grading and laying foundation for 90 apartment units.

“It will be awhile before we see sticks in the air,” Edwards said.

Completion of phase one is expected in late 2017. Qualified residents can apply to rent the apartments next year.

“Housing is 100 percent affordable, you need to be income qualified to live there,” Edwards said. “We will begin a wait list next summer.”

Edwards said the timing of the next two construction phases depends on state awarded tax credits, which provide equity to fund development.

The Mission Cove project will hold 288 low-income housing units. City officials boast it is one of the largest affordable housing projects in the county.

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