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Message from the Mayor: ‘Your input is unwelcome and irrelevant’

Once again the mayor of Encinitas has demonstrated his disdain for what you, as citizens of Encinitas, have to say. 

At the May 9 Council meeting, a resident requested a revision to the April 18 Minutes (not yet approved and posted) to reflect more accurately the main point of a statement she had made during Oral Communications.

Mayor Stocks, in his usual snarky tone, stated that the topics of the presentations should not have been in the Minutes at all, and that the City Clerk had erred by including them. He said that it is Council policy to have “action” minutes that only state who spoke during Oral Communications, but not what they spoke about. He said, “I’m not sure when we got away from that.” He went on to say, “There is absolutely no reason to take up what they addressed.” (To see the video clip of this incident, select this link:

Mayor Stocks’ statement indicates the following:

• He must not be reading the Minutes (even though Council must approve all minutes before they are posted) for, in fact, all Minutes for regular Council meetings from at least 2002 up to the present briefly describe what each person addressing Council during Oral Communications spoke about.

• Underlying his stance against including brief documentation of what citizens take time and effort to present is a message to the public that our input to the City is unwelcome, unimportant, has no relevance to what Council should consider or not consider, and is best forgotten.

But this time Mayor Stocks wasn’t able to rally support around his position. Council voted to put a discussion of this topic on a future Council agenda. Mayor Stocks was the only council member who voted against doing so (Jim Bond was absent).

Mayor Stocks, we get your message loud and clear, but we’re not buying it. And, we have a message for you: “You aren’t our king, and this City is not your realm.” Fortunately, we live in a democracy. Watch us vote you out in November!

C.J. Minster is an Encinitas resident


One of the Knaves May 14, 2012 at 12:56 pm

I agree C.J., moreover, oral communications are restricted to topics NOT on that week’s council agenda, hence, if a synopsis of the speaker’s remarks weren’t included, there would be no permanent record at all of what the point of the remarks were. Perhaps this is what our mayor prefers. To borrow a slogan from the “rabble”,

“We will remember in November”…

Lisa Leslie May 14, 2012 at 2:10 pm

I completely agree. It seems that if you do not agree with Mayor Stocks, he eithers is very sarcastic or is condesending or down right rude. He communicates this way not only from the dais but in his official email communications. Please learn some manners Mr. Stocks!!

mike mccready May 15, 2012 at 10:37 am

For the appointed, ceremonial figurehead of Encinitas, I’m coining a new internet-speak acronym.


Work it out for “Yourself”

encinitas native May 16, 2012 at 7:38 am

It’s clear that Mr. Stocks & co. have to go. I will cast my vote accordingly and encourage my fellow Encinitas citizens to do the same.

Change is Coming May 16, 2012 at 9:42 am

I agree with the commentary, AND I encourage folks who support change to focus on civility – let’s not treat anyone with the disdain and disrespect that has been used by the people who want to replace. Let’s model compassionate communications – I feel compassion for people who are so angry or insecure or unhappy that they need to lash out at others. I don’t think we heal the community or the world by being mean in response. Let’s elect people who want to serve the community and recognize the importance of respectful exchange, even among people with different points of view.

Nowoolovermyeyes May 19, 2012 at 10:13 am

Many residents have become rightfully concerned about toxic soils emanating from a development project on Hymettus, which caused many residents to become ill. Some of us are still concerned about the safety of the Hall property due to heavy
use of pesticides. The atmosphere at City Hall is TOXIC FROM THE TOP Down. A culture of fear has been created by Jerome
Stocks where leaders of our city and organizations that are
funded by the city must tread very lightly lest they incur the wrath of Mayor Stocks which could result in loss of their of their livelihoods or

Many residents are rightfully concerned about toxins emanating from development projects where pesticides have accumulated over many years and have caused residents to become ill, like the development project on Hymettus and the contaminated soils unearthed at the Hall property. What
should be of great concern to our residents is that City Hall has become TOXIC FROM THE TOP DOWN. Mr. Stocks has created a culture of fear, not only among his employees who must tread perilously not to trigger his ire, lest they lose their jobs. We also have cultural and business organizations that promote our city that are also dependent on funding from the city to continue who are also unwilling to take a stand against his oppressive leadership style.
If we want a city where citizens are not demeaned by their mayor whose salary, incidentally, we all pay for and if we desire high ranking city employees to provide us with honest, accumulated expertise to provide input that reflects OUR concerns, then the toxic cloud that Jerome has cast over our community needs to come to a swift and decisive END. Jerome and his cohorts need to go before this becomes a decaying city that people flee.

Jennifer FitzGerald May 29, 2012 at 4:39 pm

You have hit the nail on the head. Stocks’ contempt for his fellow-citizens mirrors his contempt for the democratic process. Minutes record what happened at a meeting for a reason. Stocks’ attempt to bury this record confirms the impression that he is motivated by desire for power, not commitment to public service.

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