Mentoring business offers help for youngsters

RANCHO SANTA FE — Over the last year, one of ClubXcite’s featured mentors, Tyler Johnson, has not only formed a supportive and encouraging relationship with Benjamin White, he has also helped White make positive changes leading to personal growth and development. White, 16 and living in Rancho Santa Fe, has been working with Johnson for just over a year, to buy and rebuild a classic car. Everything from stripping it down, to working on the engine, Johnson, after being matched with White, utilizes this activity as a way to build confidence in his mentee, improve on decision making skills, and address potential life struggles that may arise.
The mentoring relationship between Johnson and White is one example of the goals of ClubXcite, and how a mentoring relationship can often make a difference, especially those who are struggling academically, socially, emotionally or athletically. ClubXcite, based out of Rancho Santa Fe, is an after-school youth mentorship organization dedicated to assisting children with athletic, academic or social challenges. Its programs work on building confidence in areas of weakness and promoting strengths. The approach is a one-on-one approach, two to three times a week, using college aged mentors to fuse academic, athletic and social development. Programs focus on the needs on a wide demographic including those who have learning disabilities, social struggles, difficulty focusing, behavioral or emotional struggles, mood disorders, or any other special needs.
Club Xcite works together with parents, teachers and psychiatrists to structure a program that will help each child improve in the skills that he/she needs.


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