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Men: How you can improve your entire life in just one hour

CARLSBAD — Many men in their 30s and beyond start to experience changes in their mental and physical health, but they just can’t pinpoint the source. The changes can be slight at first, but gradually begin to become more dominant. However, men often don’t do anything about it. “We don’t like going to the doctor,” Dr. Evan Miller said. “On top of that, we’re all busy. It’s hard to get away, and we don’t even want to go in the first place. It usually requires multiple appointments and just becomes a hassle.”

GameDay Men’s Health is Miller’s answer to not only some of the health issues men face, but also the reasons they don’t do anything about it. “Thirty percent of men suffer from low testosterone levels,” Miller said. “The effects of this include low energy, feeling like you’re in a mental fog, low libido, poor sleeping habits, loss of muscle mass and more. Men don’t realize that there is a simple and effective solution to their problems.”

According to Miller, many men are reluctant to talk about the changes they experience and feel they are too busy to do anything about it anyway. “I created GameDay Men’s Health as a way to help men improve all areas of their lives, without having to expend additional time or energy,” he said. “We’ve created a comfortable space for men to come have their testosterone levels checked — and the whole process takes just one hour, one time. We test their levels, and if they qualify for treatment, they can begin immediately and they are off and running. From there, we can mail their prescriptions to them or they can stop by our ‘man cave’ once a month to pick them up. It’s that easy.”

Miller’s entire medical model is built upon convenience and simplicity. “It’s really resonating with men,” he said. “We are reinventing men’s health care, and speed is the name of the game. We are all so conditioned to having everything a click away. But the medical industry is so far behind in that respect. Health is the most important issue we face, and our goal is to make it as convenient as possible.”

To that end, GameDay Men’s Health has expanded and will now come to you for your initial consultation. “We will come to your home or office, test your testosterone levels, and then send the results to you via secure email the next day,” he said. “Then we set up a Skype or FaceTime call with you and a GameDay physician to discuss the results and a treatment plan. It’s a no-hassle experience. Most of our patients are shocked at how easy it is.”

In just a matter of weeks, men undergoing testosterone therapy will begin to experience noticeable results. “The libido usually kicks in first, around week two,” Miller said. “Sleep patterns begin to improve, the mental fog begins to lift, muscle mass and fat loss increases from around month one to six.”

Miller says his goal is for men to be able to be the best husbands, fathers, professionals and men that they can be. “We make testosterone health the central feature of your overall health and goals,” he said. “If you give us just one hour of your day, we can help you make the most of the other 23 and all the days that follow.”

To learn more and to schedule a free consultation, visit or call (858) 252- 9202. GameDay Men’s Health is located at 2753 Jefferson Street, Suite 204 in Carlsbad.