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Medicare Advantage Plans: How to choose?

Open enrollment is Oct. 15 to Dec. 7.  In picking a Medicare Advantage Plan you should ask yourself these important questions.

Does the plan’s network of hospitals and doctors meet your needs?

Some plans have much larger networks than others.

The larger the network the more options you have for a Primary Care doctor, but more importantly there will be more specialists to choose from.

Are the plan’s hospital or doctor office locations acceptable to you?   A no cost plan sounds great, but not if you have to drive long distances for services.

Are the services you need covered?  Some plans include Vision, Dental and Hearing benefits.

Are your prescription drugs covered by the plan?  Some plans have larger formularies than others.  Does the plan include a mail order pharmacy with discounts on 90 day prescriptions?

Is the company or organization providing the plan held in high regard?

Is the company stable and have a track record?  Do you really want to gamble your health on a “new” or unproven company?

If you plan on traveling, does the plan meet your needs for coverage?  A good plan would include emergency coverage in all 50 states and overseas.

To learn about your Medicare options and a no-cost Medicare review, contact: Douglas Kerr, United Healthcare Advisor (Lic#0G64783) at (760) 473-7721.

He will make sense out of all the “stuff” you have been getting in the mail.  Visit his website at

Doug has lived in Encinitas for 29 years, is a member of the Encinitas Rotary Club, and received United Healthcare’s San Diego Top Agent award for 2014.  Doug also conducts educational Medicare presentations for groups. Call NOW for information on upcoming sessions.

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