JP January 27, 2013 at 9:26 am

Hold on Mary, you used that 5 STORIES COMING SOON epic fear mongering poster to gain enough signatures for the petition, and now you mock the same style of fear mongering?

Have you spotted the fatal flaw in The Initiative yet? Look closely at it.

mary January 27, 2013 at 10:49 am

FYI I did NOT draw that poster. Perhaps you can tell me what the fatal flaw is.

JP January 27, 2013 at 1:14 pm

Really? That artist really bit your style. That poster is genius.

You will figure it out. Hint: think decades ahead.

formerbigcitygal January 27, 2013 at 11:18 pm

More often than not, the most ardent advocates for preserving community character and quality of life issues in Encinitas hail from very large metropolitan cities where they have become keenly aware of the huge cost of unimpeded development and the irreversible consequences the majority of the populace is forced to endure as the result of some wealthy profit driven investors who do not have to deal with the wreckage caused by their over development. They simply retreat to the enclaves of the very well to do in communities like Rancho Santa Fe where large mansions built on sprawling estates are the norm. Their way of life is protected while they maximize their investment decreasing the quality of life for residents in towns where their development projects are often at odds with the overall character of the community. It is just this kind of inequity that inspired many of us to vote for incorporation 27 years ago, but instead of reining in developers, as most of us intended, it produced a Reign of Developer Dominated Decisions by elected councilpersons who saw the benefit of trumpeting the pro development agenda. So for most of the
last 27 years, we have seen many increases in density that were not welcome by a large proportion of the residents with strong heart centered roots in our community who were “TRUMPED” by the most monied investors both within and outside our community. So we have the proverbial”wolf guarding the hen house”. It was this high level of frustration that caused THE RIGHT TO VOTE INITIATIVE to resonate with so many citizens who felt that their voices
fell on deaf ears at City Hall and who want the futures of
their neighborhoods determined by the people with a genuine commitment to their neighborhoods. We don’t need to wait 10 or l5 years down the road to see the cost of urban sprawl, those of us who grew up in coastal metropolitan areas are
keenly aware of the deterioration and social problems that accompany urban decay and urban flight. We don’t want any more unsightly blights upon our horizon that are poorly constructed and remind us of the decaying communities we fled. This issue is very near and dear to many of us who know the cost of everburgeoning, unchecked growth. Thanks to our local cartoonist, Ms. Fleener for a compelling pictorial presentation of the forces governing our future
and the choices we are facing.

formerbigcitygal January 28, 2013 at 12:11 am

We are very proud of our newly elected councilpersons, Deputy Mayor Lisa Shaffer and councilman Tony Kranz, along with Mayor Teresa Barth who are all off to a great start trying
to restore democracy, civility and fairness to the climate at City Hall! Every two years though, there are usually 2 candidates up for re-election and several more vying for the open spots that often have forged alliances with the pro development entities. We need to elect people who don’t speak in platitudes, but who like our Mayor Barth,
have a proven track record of supporting issues that protect and benefit the majority of our citizens and don’t just favor the development agenda.

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