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Marshall Street Pool set to open on July 1

OCEANSIDE — After being closed for two years Marshall Street Pool is set to reopen July 1. 

City Council approved allocating $60,000 in surplus general funds to reopen the pool June 5.

“We’ll have it operating within 30 days and summer programs back up,” City Manager Peter Weiss said.

Since funds were OK’d city staff have been at work to clean and refill the pool, replace worn pumps, and hire lifeguards and swim instructors for the summer.

“We need to be sure all pumps and heaters are working properly, it’s properly cleaned and chemicals and temperatures are up to standards,” Amanda Roswell, aquatic supervisor, said.

The community of South Oceanside has continually asked that the pool be reopened. Residents have expressed a high interest in having the pool open during the summer when kids are out of school and lack a neighborhood recreation center.

Swim classes at the Brooks Street Swim Center, located across town, are sold out this summer and 54 kids are on the waiting list.

“Parks and Recreation is really excited the closed facility is reopening,” Margery Pierce, neighborhood services director, said. “We already have a waiting list at the other site.”

Marshall Street Pool will offer swimming lessons and afternoon open swim hours Monday through Saturday. Those on the Brooks Street Swim Center swim lesson waiting list will be contacted about lessons at Marshall Street Pool. Others can register for lessons on site.

Swim lessons start with teaching kids basic water safety and swim techniques. Following lessons build on skills and train kids up through the novice swim team level.

“It’s important for their safety since they live by the beach,” Roswell said. “They need to be aware of their surroundings and know how to get to safety when they get into trouble.”

Roswell added reopening Marshall Street Pool would be a great addition to the community and neighborhood.

“A lot of residents have asked for the pool to be open,” Pierce said. “I hope we can keep it open in future summers.”

It has not been determined if the pool will be open next summer.