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Marketplace News: Gallery brings vivid landscape oils to North County

It is often hard to recapture the beauty of a perfect sunset, a calmly beautiful dusk or a serene sunrise.

What we experience with the naked eye, the way the colors make us feel, becomes a memory that no photo comes close to replicating.

With the recent relocation of The Erin Hanson Gallery from Los Angeles to San Diego, lovers of art and landscape are now able to experience that beauty in a new and unique way.

What Hanson creates with oils is a style now known as “Open Impressionism,” and North County just became infinitely more vivid and colorful.

“We are so excited to be here,” Amy Jensen, gallery manager said. “We had our grand opening here on Feb. 25 after being in Los Angeles for four years. We are artist run and operated, representing solely the works of Erin Hanson.”

Hanson’s take on the contemporary impressionist style is achieved through visiting new places at different times of day (primarily dawn and dusk) and for the past decade she been developing a unique, minimalist technique of placing impasto paint strokes without layering.

Borrego in Bloom is one of Erin Hanson’s newest oil paintings inspired by the recent Super Bloom in the Anza Borrego desert. Courtesy photo
Borrego in Bloom is one of Erin Hanson’s newest oil paintings inspired by the recent Super Bloom in the Anza Borrego desert. Courtesy photo


As other artists began emulating her painting techniques, Hanson was credited as the pioneer and originator of this contemporary style of Open Impressionism.

“Her works are vivid and alive,” Jensen said. “She explores new locations and how they look as the sun starts to rise or as it is setting. The lighting is actively changing and inspiring.”

Hanson visits the Colorado Plateau every year, backpacking and hiking through areas such as Zion National Park, Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley. Other favorite haunts include Paso Robles, Joshua Tree National Park and the Anza-Borrego desert.

Hanson recently visited the Anza-Borrego desert for the Super Bloom, which was a match made in heaven for the artist. “She has been an artist basically her whole life, save for when she attended Berkley and got her degree in bioengineering … ” Jensen said. “She started in oils when she was about 8 years old.

She is very industrious and fun, which is reflected in her works that are equally vivacious and alive.”

The recently opened 6,000-square-foot art space is also home to Hanson’s studio. “On occasion visitors are able to catch a glimpse of Erin while she is painting,” Jensen said.

The Erin Hanson Gallery will be hosting her newest collection release, Erin Hanson: Colors of the West, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. April 22. “We are extending our hours, and we will have live music and refreshments,” Jensen said. “We invite everyone to come down and meet the artist and experience her unique contemporary style in person.”

The Erin Hanson Gallery is located at 9705 Carroll Centre Road. The gallery has open hours from Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment.

For more information, call (858) 324-4644, email or visit

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