Man to stand trial for string of robberies

ENCINITAS — A middle-aged man charged with several robberies told authorities his cocaine supplier forced him to commit at least two of the holdups to pay back his drug debt, a San Diego Sheriff’s detective testified Oct. 5.
After receiving a voicemail May 22 from Michael Guy’s girlfriend saying the defendant wanted to speak to him, Detective Steven Ashkar said he went to the Vista Detention Facility where Guy is currently being housed to talk to the defendant.
Ashkar said Guy told him he had owed his supplier $8,400. Guy, 46, said he had received some bad cocaine that he couldn’t sell, but that his dealer told him he was still responsible for paying for it.
Guy was arrested shortly after 2 a.m. May 16 near Saxony Road at Leucadia Boulevard in Encinitas after he and co-defendant, Lawrence Humes, crashed into a tree while trying to outrun authorities following their robbery of the CVS pharmacy on Encinitas Boulevard.
Prosecutors allege Guy single-handedly robbed the Kragen Auto Parts on Convoy Street in San Diego on May 4, while he and Humes held up the Auto Zone on Mira Mesa Boulevard around 10 p.m. May 15 and then robbed the CVS pharmacy in Encinitas several hours later.
Two pieces of merchandise reported stolen from the Auto Zone were found in a duffle bag in the suspects’ vehicle, according to court testimony.
It’s estimated that Guy netted nearly $2,000 in cash from the heists, witnesses testified.
Humes, 41, is being tried first in Riverside County for another CVS pharmacy robbery allegedly committed by the duo. Following that case, Humes will then be tried in San Diego County for the later two robberies, while Guy will be sent to Riverside to answer for the aforementioned charge.
Two of the three employees who were robbed at the various locations identified Guy in court at the Oct. 5 preliminary hearing as being one of the robbers.
Guy is charged with three counts of armed robbery and two counts each of kidnapping and false imprisonment.
Because he has two strikes for prior robbery convictions out of Los Angeles dating back to 1985, he faces up to life in prison if convicted for another robbery, which will be his third strike, Deputy District Attorney George Loyd said. Additionally, a charge of kidnapping for robbery can also carry a life in prison sentence, the prosecutor said.
During the May 22 interview, which was the fourth interrogation conducted by Ashkar, the detective said Guy admitted to the Auto Zone and two CVS pharmacy robberies, including the one in Encinitas. However, while Guy waived his rights, Superior Court Judge Harry Elias said Guy’s statement may not be admissible since his sixth amendment rights may have been violated because his court-appointed attorney was not notified about the interview.
Elias said his decision to bind Guy over on the aforementioned charges was based on witness testimony and not the defendant’s statements.
An Oct. 20 arraignment date was set for Guy, who remains in custody, at which time a trial date may be set.


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