Man charged in connection with burglaries

Man charged in connection with burglaries
Surveillance footage from a Nov. 2 burglary at Leucadia Pizzeria. Image courtesy of the Encinitas Sheriff’s Department

ENCINITAS — A man is facing a second-degree burglary charge in connection with breaking into Leucadia Pizzeria, stealing checks from The Coast News and a separate vehicle burglary.

Encinitas resident Shawn Scott, 21, allegedly broke into Leucadia Pizzeria just after midnight on Nov. 2 last year by smashing a window with a rock and a shovel, according to Sheriff’s Detective Chris Lawrence.

Lawrence said Scott then gained access to The Coast News office, which is above the restaurant, through an adjoining stairway. He allegedly stole about 10 checks from the office.

Scott, who worked at Leucadia Pizzeria about three years ago, didn’t take anything from the restaurant, according to Lawrence.

Based on video surveillance footage taken at Leucadia Pizzeria, Scott was stumbling around and appeared intoxicated, Lawrence said.

Last October, a separate vehicle burglary occurred at the 100 block of West Jason Street in Encinitas in which a computer was stolen.

In December, Scott was tied to that burglary after he allegedly used the stolen computer to log on to the Internet at his residence. Detectives traced the computer to the IP address.

Lawrence then matched photographs of Scott to the Leucadia Pizzeria video surveillance footage.

Scott was taken into custody at the Vista Detention Facility on Feb. 25 for violating his probation for a prior burglary conviction. Several days later, detectives issued a warrant for Scott’s arrest in connection with the second-degree burglary charge.

Scott’s preliminary examination is scheduled for April 7. If convicted, the charge carries a maximum of one year in jail. Scott could also be ordered to pay restitution.




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