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Lowery takes his seat on City Council

OCEANSIDE — Charles “Chuck” Lowery was sworn in as city councilman July 6 before a packed audience in City Council chambers.
Votes were certified just prior to the swearing in ceremony. Lowery won the council seat with 10,218 votes over his opponents Lloyd Prosser with 10,037 votes, Ken Crossman with 2,745 votes, Ward O’Doherty with 2,717 votes and Michael Lucas with 1,303 votes.
The close race between Lowery and Prosser put Lowery ahead by less than 1 percent. Lowery said winning “not” by a landslide makes him especially humble to take the job.
“My focus is going to be learning what the priorities are for the residents of Oceanside,” Lowery said. “I make choices that directly impact everyone who lives in the city and some will be more impacted than others.”
Many are glad election results are in and the fifth council seat is filled. “I’m excited the position is filled,” Fire Chief Darryl Hebert said. “Having a vacancy is not good for the city. I’m looking forward to working with him on Fire Department issues.”
Supporters give Lowery kudos for his leadership. “The people have spoken,” Ken Leighton, Oceanside business owner, said. “His opponent (Prosser) outspent him 12 to 1. Quality leadership can still trump big money.”
“He has a compassion for the city of Oceanside,” Mayor Jim Wood said. “I don’t think he picks a side, he does the right thing.”
Zack Beck, who helped Lowery throughout his campaign, will serve as Lowery’s council aide. Beck said Lowery will work to address citizens’ concerns, balance the city budget and find long-term city solutions. Taking time to meet and listen to residents is a priority. “We’ll make time for anyone who wants to meet with Chuck Lowery,” Beck said.
Beck said he has already calendared daily meetings for Lowery with constituents, colleagues and city staff from June 7 through August. “Tomorrow at 9 o’clock we’re on duty,” Beck said.
Lowery will serve through the seat’s term, which ends in December. He said he will immediately start campaigning for the council seat’s full four-year term that will be voted on in the Nov. 2 election.
Lowery said he will meet with residents as their councilman and on the campaign trail to stay informed of their concerns. “It’s time for the people of Oceanside to take back control of their government,” Lowery said.
Supporters are confidant Lowery will hold his seat in November. “He’s on a roll and he’s going to roll right on through November,” Leighton said.