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Lot split OK’d for Osuna property

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Association board approved a motion to split 3.6 acres from the 28 acres of the Osuna property on March 19. The Osuna Committee determined that splitting an existing residence along with 3.6 acres would not impact the existing equestrian facility, ranch operations or the Osuna Adobe. Once the property has been subdivided, which typically takes between 15 and 18 months, the listing price of the residence and 3.6-acre property is anticipated to be around $2 million. Some of the proceeds from the sale will be used to restore the Osuna Adobe.
“It’s timely to do this now,” Ron McMahon, chairman of the Osuna Committee, said.
The board also approved funds, not to exceed $70,000, which will allow the Osuna Committee to accept bids from archaeologists, design drawings and provide monies for retainer fees. “These are important steps for us,” McMahon said. An archaeological survey will help determine the amount of land adjacent to the adobe that should be preserved. These plans are part of the first phase of the Master Plan Development Process for the Osuna Adobe.
In other association news, a top priority established by the board of directors in its January goals and priorities update was to design and implement improvements to the Village Parks in front of The Inn. Covenant Administrator Ivan Holler submitted three preliminary sketches for the board’s consideration.
The first alternative proposed minimal changes with the addition of a few amenities, such as popouts at pedestrian access points and additional trees and plantings. The second alternative proposed minor change with some amenities, including minor street realignment to provide 17 additional parking spaces on street frontage. The third alternative proposed major change with extensive amenities, including a passenger drop-off area at Paseo Delicias and a lawn amphitheatre in the northern section of the park. The third alternative would take approximately three to four years to complete at a cost of approximately $1.5 to $2 million.
The board discussed the pros and cons of each alternative. Director Steve Shillington proposed a fourth alternative: “Do nothing. This is nonessential. In all my years here, I’ve never heard anyone in the community say that we need to change the parks.”
Director Tom Lang disagreed, saying they need to present creative ideas to the community.
Resident Marion Dodson proposed choosing elements from the first and second alternatives and do them in phases.
Alternative three proposed changes to the parks that Shillington argued were too drastic. “This was designed by Leone Sinnard and it’s a historic concept,” Shillington said. “We mustn’t take this lightly.” In the end, the board took no action and sent the preliminary designs to the Art Jury. After the Art Jury has delivered their comments and recommendations the sketches will then be presented to the public for comment.
Manager Pete Smith reported that there are four candidates for two seats on the Association board of directors this spring. The nominating committee submitted candidates Dick Doughty and Jack Queen. Susan Marr and current director Shillington have also volunteered to submit their names on the ballot. Ballots will be mailed May 14, the same day as the annual meeting.
The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club also gave a financial report to the board. Ken Markstein, president of the Golf Board of Governors, and Steve Nordstrom, general manager of the Golf Club, were on hand to present the update. Despite a 9 percent reduction in membership, the Golf Club reports still operating within its budget with a small surplus, which is no small feat during these economically challenging times.
The next Association board meeting will be April 2.