Local woman honored on 100th birthday

OCEANSIDE — Anne Beversluis was recently honored at a 100th birthday celebration, held by family and friends at El Camino Country Club.
Guests were treated to a video, which took them on the 100-year journey of her life. Her two daughters, Claire Abel of Oceanside and Linda Van Kessler of Encinitas. read tributes to their mom, as did sons-in-law Lyle and Charles and her grandson, Rali Schwartz. Congratulatory messages were also read from Billy Graham, Bev Shea, Robert Schuller, President Barack Obama, Alex Trebek and the N.Y. Yankees. A selection of Beversluis’ favorite music from of the 1940s along with hymns, was presented by Susan Hoyer and Joey Blake. Pastor Barry Jones brought the evening to a conclusion with prayer and the benediction.
Beversluis was born in Paterson, N.J., Oct. 18, 1909, to Hungarian immigrants, John and Celia Leskowits. She attended school through the eighth grade and though she wanted to attend high school, her father told her she had to go to work. She worked with her father at the Paterson Silk Mills where she wound silk thread to be made in to men’s hat bands.
On Feb. 3, 1934, she married John Beversluis. They had three children, John, Claire and Linda. After 60 years of marriage, John passed away in 1994 at the age of 87. She was able to grant his wish to remain at home until he died, and lovingly cared for him for over a year.
In 1996, at the invitation of her son-in-law, Lyle, she left New Jersey and came to Oceanside to live with them, where she has “thrived for the last 13 years.” Her family is the center of her world, her daughter Claire Abel said. In addition to being a mother to three, she is a grandmother to six and a great-grandmother to eight.
Beversluis is very active and attends Carlsbad Community Church every Sunday where she gives God all the glory for her long life. She is radiant and outgoing in appearance and personality and has a certain happiness that she always carries in her smile, her daughter said. She fills her days with listening to books on CD since macular degeneration prevents her from reading.
Her children all wished a happy 100th birthday “to the best mom in the world.”


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