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Local tech company changing the way you watch TV

With just a receiver, your TV can become your complete home or office entertainment center.
With just a receiver, your TV can become your complete home or office entertainment center.

COAST CITIES — Frustration tends to run high when it comes to dealing with TV and satellite service providers. As a home user or a small business, you are likely often feeling ignored, irrelevant or unheard. Add to that the feeling as if your back is against a wall, as you only have the major conglomerates to choose from if you want the best technology. Locked into a contract with a provider, with a bill up to $200 a month or more, can make you feel as if you’re being taken advantage of. Robert “Blacky” Black has made it his mission the last 15 years to alleviate all of these issues for his customers.

Black is president and CEO of TeQ I.Q. “We are going to change your TV experience,” he said. A San Diego resident of 18-plus years, he has more than two decades in the business. He genuinely believes that every customer is important and deserves the best support and the best technology. “We want to give support nobody else gives to small businesses and home users,” he said. “Small businesses are often overlooked by big business. The elderly are often taken advantage of. Our mantra here is to keep you productive and protected.”

What TeQ I.Q. offers is different than anything else available. With just a receiver, your TV can become your complete home or office entertainment center. “Your TV can now do everything you can do on your computer and more,” Black said. “You can watch TV, movies, surf the web, read the news, check your email, pay your bills, Skype with your friends — anything you want.” It works using any internet connection and utilizes a simple and exclusive tile and guide-based format which makes for an easy and fun way to watch TV and use your smartphone and tablet.

“With our app, you can watch nearly any TV show or movie from the beginning of time to the present,” Black said. “We built our service on the KODI platform, allowing you to watch everything commercial-free. It’s all there. You have premium live TV as well. And you can take it anywhere with you using your tablet or a streaming stick.” 

The app service includes past and current on demand movies, commercial-free TV shows, live and local channels and just about anything you can think of. “We are continuously updating to add new content, increase the user experience and promote a better, more affordable way to indulge in all your digital entertainment needs. You will have the ability to download apps, create music and video playlists, use social media and more.”

The TeQ I.Q. app allows users to combine their TV, cable, internet and streaming services into one, and everything is accessible on both your TV and your tablet. 

This streamlines the amount of devices you use, while drastically reducing your monthly payments — for good. “We have packages beginning at $20 a month,” Black said. “And our pricing never goes up. The price we quote you is the price you pay! Forever. We don’t have any contracts; our services are month to month.”

 “Ultimately it is our goal to take away our customers’ frustration,” Black said. “We don’t want you to feel alone in what can be a treacherous forum.” To that end, TeQ I.Q. offers live 24/7 support to its customers. Free installation and free training are also included and Black offers his customers a risk-free 30-day trial so he can show them just how much he stands behind TeQ I.Q.’s technology and service.   

“We take things that are out there, and make them better and easier to use,” Black said. True to TeQ I.Q.’s mission of being completely accessible, Black welcomes inquiries and offers free demos at the TeQ I.Q. office or in your home. He wants his customers to know and understand exactly what they are getting, and be there for them every step of the way. “We are a transparent company. We don’t shy away from any questions. We want all of our users to feel supported while getting the best and most comprehensive service possible.”

For more information about TeQ I.Q. and to schedule a free consultation, visit www.teqiq.com or call (760) 790-2200.

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