Local surfboard company to open new showroom

COAST CITIES — Local top surfer Steve Moore has some great news for area surfers, especially if they’re hungry. His surfboard sponsor, Oceanside’s Quiver Boardworks, is opening up a boardroom at the new Oceanside beachside eatery Bull Taco, at South Coast Highway and Cassidy Street.
“They haven’t got an absolute opening date yet, but it will be before the end of April,” Moore said. “For a preview of what’s coming to the boardroom, visit and check out the new Quiver team page online.”
Moore grew up in Florida, but connected with Quiver owner Chhris Dougherty when he came out to Huntington Beach in 2008 to participate in the U.S. Surfing Championship. He won that contest, and loving the lack of humidity and the great surfing, he decided to stay. He now represents Quiver Boardworks, riding for them in major contests around the world, with two to three events a month.
“The new Quiver boardroom will have a great selection of Quiver Boardworks’ best boards,” Moore said. “After just three years, Quiver is really gearing up. They hired two world-class shapers and brought on well-known, local glasser Pat Quigley, who’s been in the business for more than 30 years.”
Quiver is a classic “local boy makes good” story, as Dougherty grew up surfing Cardiff and Encinitas, launching Quiver Boardworks in 2007. His company tagline is “by surfers, for surfers” and makes surfboards that are customized to the rider’s weight, height, skill level and even where they surf.

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