Local rail upgrades coming to North County

Local rail upgrades coming to North County
The CTC awarded a total of $18.9 million to several SANDAG projects. Photo by Promise Yee

REGION — As part of the first round of Local Partnership Program formula funds under Senate Bill 1, a major state transportation funding program awarded $173.4 million to 57 projects statewide beginning in January.

The funds will be allocated by the the California Transportation Commission (CTC) for  several San Diego regional high-priority rail projects along the Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) corridor.

The CTC awarded a total of $18.9 million to several SANDAG projects, including $10.72 million for the Batiquitos Lagoon Double Track Project; $3.5 million for the San Dieguito Double Track Project; $2 million for the North Oceanside Double Track Project; $1.72 million for the Sorrento to Miramar: Phase 2 Project and $1 million for a signal respacing and optimization project.

The improvements will help to replace aging rail bridges and add several miles of second mainline rail track along the LOSSAN corridor. They are part of a multi-modal strategy to improve the movement of people and goods through the congested I-5 North Coast Corridor, as well as enhance environmental protection, restore lagoons, and improve coastal access.

  SB 1 provides a continuous appropriation of $200 million annually to the Local Partnership Program to fund road maintenance and rehabilitation, as well as other transportation improvement projects. These funds are distributed through a 50 percent statewide competitive component and a 50 percent formula component. The $18.9 million in formula funds recently awarded to SANDAG is expected to be allocated by the CTC in June.

  Competitive awards are expected to be announced by the CTC at its meeting in May.

The Local Partnership Program is one of five programs funding through SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. Over the next decade, more than $54 billion will be invested to fix roads, freeways, and bridges throughout California.

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  1. Ray Carney 11 months ago

    Yet nobody rides. Public transportation in the counties sucks.

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