Local organic farm needs support

A recent complaint from a resident of a new housing development to the city of Encinitas is threatening a local organic farm’s existence.

Coral Tree Farm and Nursery has been a part of our community since 1958. It is a local family owned farm dedicated to producing heirloom vegetables, tropical fruit and free-range eggs.

Besides providing organic produce, they also teach children about growing food and raising animals in balance with the earth.

This is a thriving farm and place of education for children and adults alike. It is unacceptable that a complaint should threaten to shut down this invaluable amazing place.

I believe it is time to rewrite our city’s outdated restrictive ordinances. The City of Detroit recently legalized urban agriculture to encourage the green movement and allows the sale of fruits and vegetables from backyards. Even New York City has flourishing rooftop farms!

But what is going on here in Encinitas? Instead of supporting our local urban farms there are more giant homes being built, the open spaces left are being replaced by huge housing developments. This it is not why we love Encinitas and what makes it special. Our town is losing its character at an alarming rate. (Anyone remember Miracle’s Coffee Shop or the sweeping views of fields and mountains north of Leucadia?)

Farming has been an important part of our community for generations and this heritage should help us move forward to a sustainable future.

Urban agriculture has multiple benefits. It provides us with high quality fresh produce (in most cases your food is harvested the same day you buy it), adds greenery to cities, helps people/ children to reconnect with the earth and has a low carbon footprint because there is no long-distance transportation involved.

Coral Tree Farm has been part of Encinitas history and it deserves to be part of it’s future!

Please, come visit Coral Tree Farm (coraltreefarm.com).  Let the city of Encinitas know that you support organic urban agriculture by writing a short letter of support to coraltreefarm@gmail.com.

Simone Schad-Siebert H.H.P. is an Encinitas resident.



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