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Local landscape artist can transform your yard

C & H Gardens Artistic Landscape & Tree Service, Inc. founder Kent Horner brings something extra to the task of landscaping. 

He has a natural sense for garden feng shui and combines an artist’s eye with his knowledge of the earth to produce a landscape in complete harmony with its surroundings.

“My dad grew up on a farm and taught biology, so I grew up with a strong understanding of plants and the land,” Horner said. “I combine this with my artistic sense to create a series of gardens on a property that work with the microclimates on all sides of the home. Each area has different needs and can require different plants to thrive.”

Horner’s versatile skills can provide the perfect California garden, whether you want an English Victorian garden, a tropical palm paradise or a desert oasis complete with succulents and cactus.

C & H Gardens has provided residential and commercial property landscape and arboricultural services to San Diego County since 1978. Preferring a job that kept him outdoors, Horner began while putting himself through college doing tree-trimming.

From there, he worked under a top landscaper installing and maintaining the enormous date palms and landscape at The Mirage in Las Vegas, gaining a broad knowledge of desert flora.

“I grew up in San Bernardino, but my folks had a beach place in Leucadia where I spent a lot of time,” Horner said. “I fell in love with surfing and this area.”

After Horner got his contractor’s license and settled here, he met and married his wife Kim who works the business with him as they raise two boys, ages 19 and 16.

Horner has done landscape work on the homes of hair-mogul Paul Mitchell (Malibu), writer Anne Rice (La Jolla) and the Cleveland Indians’ Charles Nagy (Rancho Santa Fe), among many others.

“My longtime exposure to California landscape has given me a huge understanding of what does well in this climate,” Horner said. “Many of my plants come from South Africa which has an identical climate to ours and many exotic species and succulents that really do well here.”

The company specializes in the water-wise soft scape of plants, trees and tropicals; erosion control; hardscape, including ponds, fountains, Jacuzzis, patios, barbques and outdoor structures; retaining walls, fencing, decking, decorative paths, pavers, cement, flagstone, gates, railings, stairs, driveways; and also proper drainage, irrigation and lighting.

“My favorite part of the job is working with people, getting to know them and their property,” he said. “I enjoy listening and trying to understand what they envision while creating a peaceful and tranquil space that is colorful and beautiful but still low maintenance.”

Horner is a master at working with the many Southern Californians who are starting to replace their lawns by installing new drip-irrigation covered with wood chips and plant groupings. It takes half the water and makes for a visually beautiful yard.

“I have learned the most by ripping out other people’s mistakes,” Horner said. “Once we are finished, with a flick of the switch on the irrigation clock, all the different plants and micro climates get irrigated properly and thrive. Plant health is easy when you put them in the right place.”

C & H Gardens specializes in a full range of arboriculture vegetation management services including yearly maintenance, tree trimming, pruning, lacing, shaping, removal, stump grinding, cabling, bracing, hauling, tractor work, tree installation, transplanting, eco restoring and water-wise conservation.

C & H Gardens’ Tree Division can meet the specific needs of your residential and commercial tree care and maintenance.

The team will survey your property and provide a free estimate. This is all done with a solid knowledge of city code requirements and safety issues.

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