Local house a winter wonderland

SAN MARCOS — There are Christmas displays and then there are Christmas displays. This season, the Newells at 2455 Moonlight Glen, just on the border of San Marcos and Escondido, decided to go all out. Their front yard is a storyland of handpainted wood including a miniature town and a host of woodland creatures. A seven-minute narration track tells the story of the little village and its citizens as a 10-foot train runs through it all.
Lynn Newell says her history with flamboyant yard displays goes back to when she was helping her father build them as a teenager. But the real story begins almost two decades ago with a simple Santa Claus and reindeer adorning her Mission Viejo home. As the years went on, they were joined by the animals and the train and finally the village.
“Every year, I’d add something new so that the children in the neighborhood would have something to discover,” she said.
Ten years ago, they all went into storage. The job of overseeing the train for four to five hours a night was a little too much for the Newells. Three years ago, they moved to their current home, and this year, they decided to return the display to prominence for their grandchildren to enjoy for the first time.
Operating hours for the Newell Christmas Village are 7 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday through Christmas.