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Local film festival deadline looms

ENCINITAS — The community film competition entry deadline for the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association 2009 Cottonwood Creek Environmental Film Festival is May 1.
All films submitted to CCEFF should in some way relate to the environment. Topics can include climate, water, energy, agriculture/food systems, environmental restoration, biodiversity, advocacy, human impacts, policy, natural resource scarcity, natural beauty and natural history. The contest is seeking films that promote awareness, discussion, and hopefully action among the film’s viewers. The contest encourages films about the ocean and issues regarding the California coast.
This competition is for all age levels and is broken up into three age categories: kindergarten through sixth grade, seventh grade through 12th grade and college level and above. The CCEFF community competition is a chance for local community members to engage in environmental discussion through film. The community competition is for young and old, it is for the surfer, the developer, the kindergartner, the skater and the local merchant, but all are asked to focus on the goal of environmental awareness, engagement and education.