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Local dentist promotes cutting-edge mouthguard

RANCHO SANTA FE — What do the New Orleans Saints, the Indianapolis Colts and a San Diego dentist have in common? A real mouthful.
While fans watched the 2010 Superbowl, they may have also notices something new and unique to this year’s big game: what the players are wearing in their mouths.
Both teams were using a high-tech sports orthotic called the Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard.
Shahin Safarian, a North County resident and supporter of Torrey Pines High School sports, is a fan and provider of this newest technological marvel. Shaq O’Neil, , and golfer Suzann Pettersen have both announced they use the device religiously. Safarian is also fitting all sorts of local athletes with the device.
The Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard is more than just a mouth guard. It claims to increase balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion and endurance.
“The science is based on the position of the lower jaw, when the lower jaw is in the right position it aligns the neck with the spine,” Safarian said. “When the body is in a perfect erect position, you experience the above noted benefits. Unfortunately, 95 percent of the population is not in proper alignment.”
Safarian noted that the proper alignment of the lower jaw is defined via a “tens” machine. “This machine relaxes the major muscle groups of the face, and thereby putting the jaw in a relaxed state. Once the right position of the jaw is found, it is captured with a bite registration material. This bite is then sent to a lab and incorporated into a re-positioning device (mouthpiece).”
This special “bite,” Safarian contends, is the foundation of an athlete unlocking their true potential. Once the athlete bites into the Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard, the muscles in their face become completely relaxed, which, Safarian reports, allows them to use more of their upper and lower body strength.
Instant balance is achieved, because the lower jaw has come down and forward, thus allowing the neck to align it with the spine.
The device was invented by Anil Makkar, a neuromuscular dentist. Celebrities like Mario Lopez and Chris Harrison use the device “religiously” during their workouts at the gym. For more information, visit