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Local company turns spit into image

DNA Fingerprinting is used to solve crimes, identify paternity and diagnose genetic disorders. Now it is being used to brighten homes and offices. Yonder Biology, a small but growing local San Diego company, is making this possible by exploiting the inherent individual beauty of this proven genetic identity technology.DNA Fingerprinting involves the use of Molecular Biology Techniques to isolate and specifically amplify regions of a person’s genome (their DNA). These amplified regions are then separated on a gel medium and photographed. Every individual’s DNA will produce a different image pattern on the gel (unless they are identical twins). This pattern can be captured as a digital image and displayed in a variety of formats. This is where Yonder Biology is stepping in and taking it to the next level.“This technology gives everyone a chance to display the very essence of what makes them different” said co-founder Andy Bass. Yonder Biology is taking DNA Fingerprinting to a new and artistic level by offering everyone a custom DNA print they can hang on their wall, point to, and say “That’s me.”

The process of collecting DNA is simple and painless. It begins with a simple swabbing of the inside of the cheek. This swab is laden with cells that contain enough DNA to characterize your entire genome. DNA is isolated from the cells, amplified using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and loaded into one end of an agarose gel. A current is passed through the gel and the amplified DNA migrates according to its size. This creates a pattern that is both unique and intriguing.

“No genetic disorder or medical information can be gleaned from this type of analysis. But you will see similarities in individuals who are closely related,” said Sean Raude, Yonder vice president of research and development. “Men and woman will also show differences due to the unique Y chromosome in males.” DNA is now being used to learn about, diagnose, treat and cure disease. Soon your doctor will routinely prescribe medicines and treatments bases on your genetic code. We are just now unlocking the code and understanding the importance DNA plays in our lives. Yonder Biology is hoping to parallel these advances in science by offering advances in Art. Art no longer imitates life, now it defines it. (760) 583-4951