Local Airline Awarded Platinum Safety Rating

CARLSBAD — Local charter flight company Latitude 33 Aviation, which operates out of Carlsbad’s Palomar McClellan airport, was recently awarded the highest safety rating by ARGUS International, Inc. ARGUS, a worldwide leader in specialized aviation services, found Latitude 33 worthy of their Platinum rating. At present, Latitude 33 is the only San-Diego-based airline to hold this rating.

“Our audit is a thorough and in-depth examination of an operator’s policies and procedures compared against a constantly evolving set of industry best practices,” explained ARGUS President and CEO Joseph Moeggenberg.

“We are in the business of trust,” said Latitude 33 President Casey Miller. “And this accomplishment reflects our long-held commitment to the safety to our clients, employees and partners.”

Latitude 33 operates a charter fleet of nine planes out of Carlsbad, and flies to destinations that include Orange County, Long Beach, Nashville, Tennessee and Houston, Texas.

Palomar McClellan Airport, named for North County civic leader Gerald McClellan, was ranked San Diego’s fourth busiest airport in March of 2013. An estimated 400 flights come in and out of McClellan-Palomar every day, and nearly all are privately chartered or corporate jets.



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