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Local acupuncturist heals without needles

Some of the patients Dr. Qin sees had been resigned to living with their suffering. After being letdown by Western medicine alone, or being apprehensive about treatment at all, many of his patients end up turning to acupuncture as a last resort. For those afraid of needles, Dr. Qin prescribes gua sha and cupping therapies, often with miraculous results. Whether having issues with pain, injuries, migraines, skin conditions, digestive or respiratory disorders or even anxiety, stress and sleep issues, patients are turning to Dr. Qin for effective alternatives that can alleviate the pain they previously accepted as a part of their lives.

Dr. Qin is a third-generation acupuncturist who has been practicing for more than 30 years. In that time, he has helped more than 25,000 patients from 3 to more than 90 years old. He has studied both Western and Chinese medicine, and finds elements of each helpful in treating his patients.

His education helps him use Western medicine to diagnose his patients, and Chinese medicine, to treat them. He said while traditional doctors treat pain and infractions with medication, an acupuncturist will get to the root of the problem and treat the problem rather than the symptoms.

According to Dr. Qin, energy or “qi” is the foundation for acupuncture. Chinese medicine is based on the idea that a person’s health is directly related to the flow of energy in their body. If the movement of their qi is blocked in any way, it can result in physical or emotional pain. Once the qi flows smoothly again, the body is able to become rebalanced and re-energized and the body can heal itself.

This is where the often-dreaded needles come in. Dr. Qin understands that many patients have an aversion to needles, so he is quick to point out that the pain is minimal and the diameter of the needles is equivalent to a strand of hair. He likens the pain level to that of an ant bite.

Once the source of a patient’s suffering has been determined, Dr. Qin places the thin needles in certain points throughout the body to help the energy flow. The amount and placement of the needles is determined by the condition, as there are approximately 2,000 points in the body connected by 20 pathways or “meridians.” Each point has a different effect on the qi that passes through it.

Yueling Chen, Dr. Qin’s wife and business partner, is an experienced gua sha therapist at their Encinitas practice, Acupuncture 4U. She recommends gua sha and cupping as effective alternatives for people who don’t like needles. Also known as “coining” or “scraping”, gua sha removes blood stagnation and can help with acute and chronic internal organ disorders, as well as immediate relief from pain and injury. A special massage tool is used to scrape the skin and improve circulation. Cupping refers to an ancient treatment where special cups are used to create suction on the skin, also helping with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and general well-being. “We help people get rid of pain every day with gua sha,” explained Yueling, “and we offer new patients gua sha and cupping for free at their first acupuncture appointment.”

Yueling is a former Olympian who earned a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics for speed walking. The years of intense training had taken a toll on her and her back pain forced her to retire from the sport. She met her future husband when she moved to the United States, and he convinced her to try acupuncture. She said he told her she wouldn’t regret it, and he was right. Her treatment was so successful she competed in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Today, the mother of two works with her husband and is grateful to support him in helping more people relieve their pain and increase their quality of life.

If you’re skeptical about acupuncture or unsure if it can help you, Dr. Qin invites anyone suffering from physical or emotional pain to come visit him for a consultation and evaluation at no charge. Mention this article and also receive 30% off a package of 10 treatments. Acupuncture 4U is located at 285 N. El Camino Real, Suite 205 in Encinitas. For more information, call (760) 230-2490.

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