Lloyd Prosser

Oceanside native Lloyd Prosser served 23 years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He also has numerous years of experience working as an internal change agent for the Riverside County Water District and as a business consultant for public agencies, cities and special districts.
Prosser’s goals are to protect public safety, protect water and wastewater systems, and promote economic development.
“My strategic vision for the city is to get its economy healthy with jobs for its citizens and a stable political body that is working together to constantly improve the city for the citizens of Oceanside,” Prosser said.
“My primary concern is the financial health of the city,” Prosser said. “I want to work very hard on that $8 million in red. Everything should be on the table to be looked at to decide how we can cut that deficit, reduce costs, increase revenue and mitigate against the deficit.”
Prosser is a fiscal conservative who is endorsed by Councilmen Jack Feller and Jerry Kern, but he wants voters to know he will make decisions based on the best interest of the citizens and not be part of 3-2 block vote. “I’m an independent thinker,” Lloyd Prosser said. “My interests are doing the best for all our citizens.”
 “I’m endorsed by Jack Feller and Jerry Kern, but that does not mean I am going to be voting in lock step with them,” Prosser said. “I’m not on either side of the fence. I wouldn’t go there, that’s not what citizens need. It feels like the business of Oceanside has become about the City Council and not about the city. There are a lot of concerns about that. It’s gotten to the point the image of Oceanside is not at its best.”
 Prosser thinks a city charter should be considered. “The way it was brought forward was not right, but whether it was brought forward in a right or wrong fashion, it’s a good time to take a look at this thing again,” Prosser said. He notes other North County cities are doing well as charter cities. “It could be part of solution,” Prosser said.
Following the June 8 Special Election, an election for two full-term council seats will be held in November.
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