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Life is a bowl of cherries in Rancho Santa Fe

When you go from selling fruit for a living and then to art, you can gain quite a bit of perspective on human behavior. Helping my husband at Lemon Twist on the weekends in Rancho Santa Fe is one of the highlights of my week. Besides writing, I am also fine art consultant in La Jolla. 

In some ways selling art is just like dealing with fruit. Each venue is helping a client find what they love — whether that be an apple or a Mackenzie Thorpe painting. What I find interesting is the attitude that people can have over one avocado. You would think they were farmers who grew them at home in the backyard with the way customers sift through the boxes of hundreds to choose from when they stop in at Lemon Twist.

The art gallery is similar. No one wants to walk out with the wrong piece or spend too much money on a painting that might not be valuable after the purchase.

When I am at Lemon Twist I wear my Nike trail running shoes with my black shorts and a T-shirt. At the gallery I wear long jackets that are formal enough to feel proper to sell thousands of dollars of art.

The juxtaposition of having this daily dichotomy in my routine has taught me the basic fundamentals of what people want when they buy something: The client wants feel positive about their purchase. From an avocado to a Picasso, customers want to know their money is being well spent.

My advice to others in work and recreational time is to have great patience and love for others. The opportunity to meet those in front of you may never happen again. So make sure you are using those moments wisely and always giving the best of yourself. Life can be selfish, hurried and rushed. Don’t be one of those people.

I myself am learning to find this careful balance between the arts and a box of oranges. Which is better? Well, if you must know, I happen to be absolutely crazy for cherry season. It’s short and sweet and I look forward to a bowl of cherries every year. Maybe someday I will combine my love of fruit and art under one roof. That’s something to seriously consider …

Around Town

On June 12, I had the good fortune to be invited to Elaine and Michael Gallagher’s party at an exquisite Rancho Santa Fe golf estate. Guests were treated to live music, cocktails and food, while enjoying the ambiance of high-class society. Unfortunately, as I was out of town that day, I missed this fabulous Black and White party presented by FINE Magazine.

Gallagher & Gallagher are selling this beautiful estate located in the Covenant. This property is prime real estate and a jewel anyone looking to buy in the Ranch. At 5,700 square feet, with a pool and Jacuzzi, this could be your own private haven if you happen to be a qualified buyer. For more information, visit Thanks Elaine for always including me on your exclusive guest list!

On June 15, relatives, friends and loved ones attended R. Roger Rowe’s sixth grade promotion ceremony at the Performing Arts Center. This happened to be a special day for me, too, as my son Jackson Tuck is one of the many students featured here in a photo from that day. There was an exuberant feeling in the air, a sense of accomplishment that these students who were once just in kindergarten will be now in middle school next year.

I have included a photo of one of the moms sitting in the auditorium during the ceremony, Maria Aries, with her son Jacob. Her daughter Savannah was one of the many students who were honored with a promotion certificate rounding out their time in elementary. Hats off to all the students and have a spectacular summer.

On June 16, advertising assistant Krista Lafferty took third place in her age bracket at Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run. You may know Krista around town as a Rancho Santa Fe Rotarian who works hard for their organization and also for many business owners in Rancho Santa Fe. And, if you didn’t know, Krista will be marrying her longtime sweetheart and fiancé Mike Confer at the Garden Club in The Ranch. The date will not be disclosed, but you can trust you will see some fabulous pictures when that day arrives. I feel lucky to be one of Krista’s bridesmaids on her very special day. Congrats to Krista for receiving a medal in her age group in the 10K mud run. You rock Krista.

On June 20, Mille Fleurs restaurant was the elegant backdrop for the Race Day Fashion Show Luncheon. Guests who attended this event enjoyed a special menu made by renowned Chef Martin Woesle and race day fashions from Maggie B, Mister B, Del Mar Hat Company, and Carol Bader Designs. I have included two lovely pictures from that day. Featured are three lovely ladies, ho I’m sure you recognize from other society pages in town: Karian Forsyth, Melissa Williams, and Elaine Gallagher. Many of you may recognize Melissa Williams from Ranch & Coast Magazine. The other picture features one of the models from that day wearing a fabulous yellow dress that would make a knockout buy for opening day. For more information on this dress, visit, or call (760) 452-2299. Maggie B is located at the Rancho Santa Fe Plaza at 162 Rancho Santa Fe Road.

Machel has been writing for the Rancho Santa Fe since 2008. She also writes for various magazine as a freelance writer in Southern California. If you would like to contact her regarding a story, you can email her at

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