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Leucadia streetscape creating a lotta interest

Talk of the town
Roundabouts, trees and a one-lane highway north on 101. Whatever. Judging from the chatter in the java joints and steetscape meetings it’s the No. 1 topic of conversation in Leucadia. However, one can’t forget the dismal results of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea specific plan that is yet to see the light. In 2001 (eight years ago), council electeds shelled out 100 grand for a consultant to guide enthusiastic residents through the process. Cardiffians gave generously of their time on Saturdays and evenings and provided professional expertise. After considerable prodding the consultant delivered a shoddy boilerplate, a lot of it being contrary to the desire of the residents. 2009 soon will be history and Cardiffians are still without a plan. For how much longer? Will Leucadians experience the same results? Is there a late penalty?
Whip it
You now can cheer Drew Barrymore’s “Whip It” epic at a theater near you then amble over to the fairground’s Wyland Hall on the evening of Nov. 21 and watch the national champion Derby Dolls live and in person engaging in this roller sport. Roller derby is a makeover of the rough and tumble competition that was in its heyday in the 1950s and ’60s. Confident they will be around for several years, the Derby Dolls are raising moola for a banked wood track that will enhance the action.
Wanna buy OC fairgrounds?
Dept. of General Services, a state agency, has placed the 150-acre Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa on the auction block and will accept proposals until Jan. 8. Already six members of the fair’s board of directors and several big wigs are in the process of forming a foundation that likely will toss in a bid. Value of the fairgrounds has been estimated to be a minimum of $40 mil.
Pot legislation on the ballot
While cities are engaged in writing ordinances to prohibit marijuana store fronts at least three groups are reported to be busy gathering signatures to place legalization of the weed on the 2010 ballot. Recently, the district attorney’s department shuttered 14 alleged illegal dispensaries in the county. Vista and Escondido have ordinances on the books banning the pot shops. Federal law prohibits pot sale except for medical reasons but cities like San Fran are saying, “So what?”
Marathon event debt
Promoters of the Rock ‘n ‘Roll Marathon that is held in the Harbor City have reimbursed the city and county more than 200 grand for services it received as a nonprofit organization when it was determined that some facets of the event did not qualify as being nonprofit.
Appetizing theme
The County Fairgrounds is recognized for its various food creations and next summer’s event, June 11 to July 5, will be embellished with a “Taste the Fun” theme. According to Barry Nussbaum, fair operations committee chair, it will feature nationally recognized chefs and different foods daily. Plus other lip smackin’ surprises.
Surfside City should adopt bingo ordinance
Paper bingo games that will be held at the fairgrounds are waiting for the Surfside City to adopt an ordinance that will allow this kind of an operation. As approved by the state of California, only nonprofit organizations can conduct these games. The city will do the document processing that will be required for which it will be compensated. No shortage of organizations that will want to participate. City should adopt an ordinance and let bingo begin sooner than later. Like right now.
Carlsbad’s park project
The long delayed Alga Norte park is moving forward again. Grading of the site is under way. Hang-up has been the $40 mil. it’s anticipated it will cost. It is projected to include a swimming pool complex, off-leash dog area, skate park and sports fields.
Perks cap
Alarmed when it learned that it was bizness as usual when it comes to travel-related expenses by high up employees, San Diego airport authority board of directors now has enacted a per diem travel spending cap. A coppla years ago directors cautioned officials about spending money on travel like drunken congresspersons.
EIR available
A draft environmental impact report, covering a 15-year span at the fairgrounds, is available for public review with comments and recommendations to be accepted until Jan. 8. Projects are divided into short- and long-term. The short term include a hotel, exhibit halls, relocation and upgrading of the fire station, electronic reader board, and health club/sports training facility. The EIR can be viewed at the fairgrounds admin office, Surfside City library and online at www.sdfaircom.
Getting serious
A Fallbrook mom has been charged with hosting a teenage party where alcohol was consumed. A Social Host ordinance under which she was cited has not been widely used until recently. On conviction, it provides for up to six months in the slammer and a fine of up to a grand. The Fallbrook matron was arrested after she took a 17-year-old girl who was quite ploughed to a hospital.
This is Cat Microchip Month in Solbeach in cooperation with County Dept. of Animal services. All cats in that city can get a free microchip implant at the services facility, 2481 Palomar Airport Rd. in C’bad … Rick Griffin reports more than 2,500 bicyclists peddled from Orange County to San Diego recently in the 27th annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society bike event … Garcias’s Mexican Cuisine, a popular eatery in C’bad for a half-century, has opened a second location at 1486 Encinitas Blvd. in the Flower Capital … Escondido’s city-owned Performing Arts Center has been threatened with no more bail-out funds after being in the tank for 13 of the 15 years of operation … Rival candidate Francine Busby and former Solbeach mayor and current council elected Dave Roberts who are seeking to oust Rep. Brian Bilbray in the 50th District teamed up recently to oppose a proposed power plant in C’bad … An idea to consolidate O’side’s 24 committees and commissions into eight advisory groups was DOA during a recent council meeting … Congrats to seventh-graders Gabi Foyle and Vanessa Green attending St. James Aademy in Solbeach for receiving the Jenna Druck Foundation’s Leadership Awards … A coppla adults were involved in a verbal spat recently over traffic conditions at Skyline Elementary School in Solbeach and as the saying goes, grown-ups will be kids sometimes.
Hasta la Vista