Letters to the Editor Week of 10/7/11

So, I think I can dance
The other day, my girl and I talked about how soon we discovered ballroom dancing after our spouses passed over. It took her two years; I was faster. I heard about dancing from a friend, when he noticed my depression.
I was hooked after going a few times. Most dances were in the afternoon and the cost then was $3, which included a live band, refreshments and all the partners you could dance with.
I do admit it took a while to date some of them. I finally met another woman that I could love. Never thought it would happen because of dancing.
William Hart

RE: Tri-City Hospital’s proposed ‘Resolution of Necessity’
A cursory reading of Tri-City’s PowerPoint presentation shows that it’s not necessary that our hospital acquire the land in question using the coercive power of eminent domain.
The reasons given in support of the resolution include:
1. Most expedient public access to the Emergency Room;
2. Convenient parking; and
3. Mitigating the high cost of rerouting storm drains.
None of these reasons rises above the level of inconvenience. This proposal should be retitled, “Resolution of Convenience.”
Many people are unaware that the power of eminent domain is a license to legally steal. The landowner immediately loses his property. His monetary compensation is determined based upon the current real estate market, which is suffering extreme depression. The landowner can’t hold his property until the market stabilizes and he can receive a fair price.
It is wrong for Tri-City to conceal its true motive — greed — while pursuing a baseless “Resolution of Necessity.”
Randy Horton