Letters to the Editor: May 11, 2012

Wrong party

Your article on Props E and F in Oceanside is 100% wrong- Kern is NOT a registered Democrat nor is he endorsed by the Democratic Party. Kern is a right wing Republican and belongs to their Central Committee. He would NEVER be endorsed by the Democratic Party. In fact the Democratic Party has endorsed ‘NO’ votes on both propositions.Kern said, “There is no such thing as a nonpartisan position.”

He said he is a Democrat and is endorsed by members of the Democratic Party.

I cannot imagine how a mistake of this magnitude has been made.

I am the Democratic Communications Chair for the Democratic Club of Carlsbad-Oceanside. Here is the official endorsement list of the Democratic Party- .http://www.sddemocrats.org/democratic_candidates.asp

I expect you will willingly correct the online version immediately and a written correction to appear in the Coast News’ newest edition. This is a ghastly mistake in a very, very partisan election.

Nadine Scott,

Attorney at Law


Bully Mayor

Current mayor, Jerome Stocks, again revealed himself to be a bully at the 5/9/12 Encinitas Council Meeting. After we sat through a nearly hour long “special presentation,” that could and should have been listed as an agenda item so public speakers could join the discussion, as Council and the City Attorney did, Stocks unilaterally “tabled” Agenda Item #7, the discussion of contracting with Peder Norby, giving him a raise. People had specifically attended to address that issue! Councilmember Mark Muir seemed reluctant to postpone the discussion. Stocks ignored Muir’s objections and appointed him and Councilmember Kristin Gaspar, whom he abruptly cut off when she stated, “I’d be happy to serve,” but seemed ready to continue, when Stocks arbitrarily declared a subcommittee would bring back the discussion at an unspecified “later date.”

Next Stocks was rude to Lisa Shaffer, who had pulled the minutes from the Consent Calendar. Shaffer politely requested a correction to the description of her oral communication comments re the Mayor’s State of the City Address. Stocks insisted, despite what was said by Councilmember Teresa Barth, or implied by the Deputy City Clerk, that the minutes may only state: “Lisa Shaffer addressed Council.” He demanded any other descriptions of comments for all oral communications now must be removed. Stocks’ pretense, that Encinitas has “action minutes only” is patently false. While it’s true, that after some heated debate, Council majority had previously determined, despite Barth’s and former Councilmember Maggie Houlihan’s objections, AGENDA ITEMS, would report on “actions only,” THIS HAS NEVER BEEN THE CASE FOR ORAL COMMUNICATIONS. Fortunately, Barth made a substitute motion to “pull the minutes” and set a future agenda item to discuss oral communications, including, as later specified, total time allowed for public comments. This was seconded by Muir, and passed, with only Stocks voting nay.

Lynn Marr,


Breach of trust

Ten years ago Carlsbad voters passed Measure C, in part authorizing Carlsbad City Council to set aside funds for open space acquisition. To date officials have spent none of these funds for land acquisition. As I observe progressively more of Carlsbad’s natural lands being lost over time to development, inaction by Carlsbad officials feels like a breach of the public trust to me. This observation rings especially true when one considers that of the approximately 42 square miles that Carlsbad occupies, only about 8,750 acres of natural lands remain for acquisition, according to Carlsbad Habitat Management Plan 2004 statistics.

The economic and health-giving benefits of open space are well-documented. According to Conservation International, the California Floristic Province, an area covering most of California including Carlsbad, is a biodiversity hotspot: our region features both a high level of endemic plants (plants found nowhere else in the world) and significant habitat loss. Indeed for the California Floristic Province of today, Conservation International says, “about 24.7 percent of original vegetation remains, in more or less pristine condition.” If you care about open space, please contact Carlsbad City Council and urge them to take action now to preserve Carlsbad’s remaining natural lands.

Mary Anne Viney,


Response to letter

There is an election June 5th in Oceanside.

The other side spent over $370,000 from out of town lobbyists to kill rent control for our most vulnerable citizens. Instead of honoring our Greatest Generation and our elders, Kern, Feller and Felien are trying to scare them and force them from their homes.

So that one is easy, vote NO on Prop E.

As for Prop F, that’s easy too. Once again Kern, Feller and Felien pulled a fast one just like they did with the secret charter a few years ago. They put this item on the agenda at the last possible minute so there wasn’t a proper amount of time for folks to consider it. If passed it will mean two very expensive elections in a City that has no money. 95 percent of the people did not want this on a June ballot and demanded a Citizens Charter Amendment Review Committee.

Kern, Feller and Felien voted to take over $150,000 so far out of reserves to put these two ballot items on the June ballot.

They are frittering away the treasury. This will lead to loss of public safety and other services the taxpayers should have.

Vote NO on E and F.

Mandy Barre,




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