Letters to the Editor

Water charges

As a Rancho Santa Fe resident, I have wondered for years why we are charged disproportionately for our water usage. Has anyone ever considered how many homes are built on three acres in Solana Beach?

Our average lot size of three acres contributes toward a more rural area, the freeways less congested, the air quality better, the stores less crowded, the beaches less busy among many other positives for our part of the county. When we buy, we know what our property taxes are, and will have knowledge of what they will be in the future. We know what our mortgage will be, and have knowledge of what that will be in the future. However, paying such a premium on the higher units of water being used is not fair without determining how many homes could be build on the same size property in Solana Beach, and setting the baseline number of units allowed before paying the higher rates.

The water company should use the maximum baseline of 15 HCF and multiply by the number of homes that would be built on the same size property in Solana Beach. For example, if there are six homes per acre in Solana Beach, that equates to 18 homes on a three acre lot in RSF — therefore, the 15 HCF baseline multiplied by 18 homes would allow a 270 HCF baseline for the RSF property before higher rate brackets kick in. This is what is fair. This is what RSF residents have a right, in my opinion, to pursue legally. That would not only be fair, but would also show the appreciation for all the benefits that Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch provide our neighbors.

Curt Jaeger,

Rancho Santa Fe


Internet prices

I’d like to comment on Mr. (Jon) Compal of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s article (Will cities increase the cost of Internet services? Nov. 18). He states that online services such as Netflix, Hulu and other will increase their billing. Cities don’t have the legal right to do so, according to the Internet Tax Freedom Act. Obama has already given control of the Internet to the U.N. Facebook’s (Mark) Zuckerberg favors the censorship that will be instituted by the PRC. China’s hackers at the Beijing Institute of Technology are compromising our cybersecurity. Some sales taxation in states like South Carolina is OK. As the prices for cable bundling are too high. Taxpayers must approve higher taxes and cities need to find other sources of revenue. Mr. (Donald) Trump is Internet savvy and supports freedom of cyberspace. The alternative media was very helpful in helping him to get elected. Now the mainstream media and (Barack) Obama want to label them fake news and censor them.

Mark A. Peter,

Solana Beach


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