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No to shenanigans

I love Oceanside.  But this election cycle has exposed the worst of our small town.  A good old boy creates a local newspaper to manipulate election results so he can build a lucrative digital billboard.  A carpetbagger with a lot of baggage (she allowed a climate of harassment against gay students and lost a lawsuit for violating conflict of interest laws) comes to town and seizes an opportunity to run for City Council.  A seated Council member encourages us to vote for a dead man. Let’s show our love for Oceanside by saying ‘No” to all of these shenanigans. Just say No to Linda Gonzales on our City Council, No to the Blade and digital billboards, and no votes for dead people.

Diane Nygaard,


RE: Siegel letter

The statements made by Ed Siegel, candidate for Solana Beach City Council, in his Oct. 28 letter are completely false. I do not have any business, financial, or personal relationship with Rhodes Moore, LLC or it principals (NCTD’s selected developer of the Solana Beach Train Station). I have never worked on any of their projects, they never contacted me to work on their Train Station project, and I would not do so at any time. I do not have any conflict of interest. Siegel’s claims are not based in fact or reality.

Siegel has engaged in an unethical attempt to falsely create an issue where absolutely none exists. His irresponsible actions demonstrate a complete disregard for the truth and civil discourse. Apparently, Siegel is willing to say anything to fabricate an issue upon which Siegel can try to revive his failing campaign.

Siegel’s overt political tactic to create this false issue seems to be designed to make his campaign appear relevant. However, people who have attended City events have witnessed Siegel’s erratic and irrational behavior. He has an unusual obsession with trying to force attendees at public events to sing the “city song”, which he co-authored. At events like Fiesta Del Sol, Beach Blanket Movie Night, and Summer Concerts at the Cove, Siegel has attempted to play or sing the “city song” despite warnings by city officials or event organizers that he was prohibited. Recently, at the City’s 30th anniversary celebration, the Sheriff had to be called to prevent Siegel from disturbing the event after he interrupted the Mayor’s official program in an attempt to sing the song.

Clearly, Siegel lacks the judgment and stability to be on the Council. He is willing to make up fake issues to promote himself, and the voters of Solana Beach should reject this untruthfulness. Integrity still matters.

Mike Nichols, Councilmember, 

Solana Beach

Setting the record straight

This letter is in response to “Shady business on the Solana Beach train tracks” in which Solana Beach City Council candidate Ed Siegel makes careless, inaccurate accusations.

After an exhaustive selection and vetting process, the North County Transit District Source Selection Committee chose our well-qualified, team as the highest ranked developer for the proposed development of NCTD land at the Solana Beach Transit Station.

By no means was any part of the process a “backdoor deal” as Siegel suggests. We are proud of the excellent plans, detailed evaluation, and strong community support.

Our vast experience, such as the recent Pacific Station project in Encinitas, speaks for itself and in addition to sharing industry qualifications as the other project bidders had, we have a long-term commitment to North County that is unmatched.

There has never been any discussion with council members Lesa Heebner nor Mike Nichols about them being considered to work on the project. In fact, we have already identified our landscape architect and architectural design team during the NCTD selection process and it is part of the public record.

We agree with Siegel about Solana Beach being a “wonderful city” and we are proud to be able to play a role in making it even better!

Rhodes Moore, LLC

Solana Beach

RE: Siegel accusations

I am compelled to respond to Ed Siegel’s letter published Oct 28.  Siegel’s claims are totally fabricated and absolute fiction.  If not so serious, they’d be laughable. To set the record straight, I have not been hired by the developer of the Solana Beach Train Station, I do not have any financial relationship with the developer and there is no conflict of interest.

Siegel, a candidate for the Solana Beach City Council, seems to be running a fact-free campaign. With the baseless allegations in his letter, he is now operating a smear campaign. Siegel provides no facts or any evidence to back-up his ridiculous claims.

Neither Siegel or his campaign consultant, Andrew Jones, or anyone on their behalf, contacted me to ask if Siegel’s claims were true. If they had contacted me, they would have learned that there’s no basis in reality for Siegel’s ludicrous claims. Instead, they recklessly and maliciously published fake allegations and dishonestly implied they are fact. Their currency is innuendo.

Why direct a smear campaign at me, Councilmember Mike Nichols, and the developer?  It seems Siegel needs to create an issue to salvage his faltering campaign which has not gained traction with voters, so he is fabricating an issue to get attention.

In light of his willingness to make claims without evidence, Siegel lacks the ethical standards and judgement to serve on the Council. Who doesn’t know to check their facts before making allegations? Apparently Siegel and Jones don’t, which demonstrates they have no respect for the voters’ intelligence or for common decency. Hopefully, voters will reject this malicious and dishonest tactic.

Lesa Heebner, 

Solana Beach

Painful election season

This election season is painful for everyone. And while we have little say over how national campaigns are being waged, I think the voters of Encinitas can do something about our local elections. And that is to reject candidates who intentionally mislead voters about themselves and make blatantly untrue statements about their opponents. It’s fine to say, “I support this and my opponent supports that,” but when one candidate has no track record at all, and he sends out a mailer full of either very careless mistakes or intentional lies, it’s an insult to the community.

I received a mailer from Paul Gaspar (who for the first time included the legally mandated designation “DPT” after his name), in which he claims, among other things, that his opponent, Catherine Blakespear, voted on the purchase of Pacific View when she wasn’t even on the City Council at the time.

Instead of comparing his commitment to open space preservation and support for the arts (he has none that I’ve seen), he makes a blatantly untrue charge against her. He claims she is under investigation for the trumped up charges leveled by the mayor against her husband’s opponent; charges that were unanimously and resoundingly rejected by the Council and public speakers who know dirty tricks when they see them. There never was an investigation because there was nothing to investigate. Again, blatantly untrue. He says she voted against additional public safety officers when she actually voted to increase funding for the Sheriff’s services as requested by the Captain, giving the Captain flexibility in adding staffing where he thinks it will have the best impact.  What is Paul’s record on public safety? He has none. There’s more, but I think the pattern is clear.

With no record of his own, all he can do is attack. But since his opponent has a very strong record of public service, working with the Council to get things done for the community, it’s not easy. I hope the voters hold all candidates to the highest standard of truth telling.  Policy differences are fine. Debating different approaches is great. But lying and deceiving are not.

Lisa Shaffer,

Deputy Mayor, Encinitas 

Measure B and C

I can’t vote on Measure C, know why?  Because I live way up in Valley Center and the Chargers stadium doesn’t directly affect me. Sounds reasonable, right?  So, why can people all over the county vote on B, a measure about one development way up in Valley Center? Because Accretive Development couldn’t get their plans approved by our elected officials. Lilac Hills Ranch breaks numerous county zoning codes.  Accretive found a loophole and got it on the ballot so all of San Diego County can vote.

They had to come up with an angle to sell it to you.  Measure B isn’t about affordable housing, it’s about one developer, one development. It sets a really bad precedent because the developer has found a way to circumvent county restrictions.  Please vote no on B. Tell your friends, because we can’t afford those manipulative TV ads!

Jim Schwarz,

Valley Center

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AJ November 6, 2016 at 7:28 am

Re: Mike, RhoodesMoore, and Lesa

Mike: Do you really believe the Citizens of Solana Beach are stupid? The fact that you are stating RhodesMoore is the developer shows you are a liar. RhodesMoore was suspended by the State of California. You are not denying your relationship with the actual developer, which is Joe Balla and Strategic Assets Group, rather you are misrepresenting yourself as a member of the Solana Beach City Council and NCTD Board of Directors.

RhodesMoore: Who is the point of contact for RhodesMoore who wrote this letter? RhodesMoore is not the developer. Why are you even responding to the Letter to the Editor? What do you have to say about your LLC being suspended by the SOS? You are a fraud.

Lesa: You are doing a project with Joe Balla right now. You and Nichols must think you can get away with anything. That is not the case…

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