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Second Amendment rights

San Diegans are fortunate to finally have an effective, organized group that is defending our Second Amendment rights.   Via the San Diego County Gun Owners, (SanDiegoCountyGunOwners.com) local politicians, representing many political philosophies, are proactively engaging our representatives in discussions important to our entire community.

While we admittedly may not always agree on policy, we are always available, and firmly believe in engaging in civilized dialogue.

In our republic, few things are more important than an open exchange of ideas.

For this reason, we find it very concerning that Councilman Chuck Lowery of Oceanside, refuses to even meet with our group for a brief introduction.

Oceanside is home to tens of thousands of Second Amendment supporters. We are naturally disappointed that he shows no interest in these members of his community.

Gary Gonsalves,



Artificial Turf

The health focus has been the infill material, (referring to the article: “RSF School District told artificial turf poses no health hazard,” May 27, 2016) open your eyes to other health related issues with artificial turf. Staph and MRSA, the CDC says no sharing towels.

Well artificial turf is one giant towel.

Mike Woelfel,

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Motorcycle noise

The comments below stem from the May 13 article, “City finds no way to muffle motorcycle noise.”

The motorcycle noise issue is a nationwide problem. I suspect the motorcycle manufacturers lobby has lots of power and influence over law enforcement concerning loud pipes. I believe that if it can be presented as a noise  “pollution” problem, perhaps the EPA could then get involved. Hopefully the Coast News will print some of these responses to this story.

Donald Sinclair,

Online comment


The picture used for the article is not the problem described in the article. That Honda CBR 250 is a quiet machine driven by new (and likely respectful motorcyclists). This article should use a picture of a pirate upon his/her chromed out Harley Davidson or other chopper equivalent.

Respectable Motorcyclist,

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