Letters to the Editor

Regarding the Cardiff Kook:

The poor Kook never had a chance. Having surfed for 53 years I know surfers are some of the most opinionated people in the world.

When the Kook was erected, there was going to be an outcry from some faction of the surfing populace. Since the Kook had an effeminate stance it united all factions.

How dare he not be Macho? Amazingly a miracle happened.

The creative residents began decorating the Kook with elaborate settings ranging from Jurassic Park to a Giant Great White devouring him.

The Kook became cool! Calendars and Facebook documented these endeavors.

Sadly the Kook has gone full circle. Now he is trashed with balloons and ribbons announcing birthdays, homecomings and graduations relevant to nobody but a few misguided individuals. Sorry, I don’t care that Sally turned 7. I don’t know Sally, Tyler, Alex, etc. Also balloons are an ecological disaster. What’s next garage sale signs? Please leave the Kook alone unless you are going to go the extra mile and entertain the masses. Please leave your balloons and messages on your mailboxes.

The Kook paid his dues, show some respect.

Pat Steele,



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