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Letters to the Editor

Use power to affect good

To Mayor and City Council,

Please use your power to affect a tremendous good for your city and citizens: ban the sale of puppies from mass breeders known as puppy mills.

These poor creatures are bred and raised in miserable conditions and their mothers suffer terribly until they are worn out and destroyed.

The puppies most often are subject to illness and weakness due to poor breeding and conditions. These outfits are run by borderline criminals who care only about profit and have no moral or ethical values. Certainly not the image Carlsbad wants.

This is not “pro business” — it is trafficking on misery. I urge you to stand up to these merchants of misery as your neighboring cities have done.

Join San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, San Diego and Chula Vista and do the right thing.

Your constituents and your conscience will thank you.


Pam Slater-Price,

Del Mar