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Cast your ballots

Many of you received your ballots in the mail or plan to cast your ballots at the polls.

Before you vote, I want to let you know that I strongly support YES on Measure A.

I have lived in Carlsbad for 38 years and was a part of the group of city leaders who crafted Carlsbad’s Growth Management Plan.

Back then, as now, we wanted to ensure that all builders are held to high standards that protect our quality of life.

I believe Rick Caruso’s proposed plan is a perfect fit for Carlsbad and meets or exceeds our City’s planning standards, framework and codes, including our strict 35-foot height limit as well as our setback requirements.

Carlsbad is a place where the quality of life for our families and friends means everything.

That is why I served our community on the city council for 32 years and why I support YES on Measure A.

Measure A will give us beautiful gathering places where families and friends can play, meet up, and grab a bite to eat together, and where they can walk on trails and bike on paths that are all close to home. Everyone should vote YES on Measure A.

Our city council unanimously endorsed YES on Measure A.

The Carlsbad Firefighters Association and the Carlsbad Police Officers’ Association endorse YES on Measure A.

The Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation and the Carlsbad Strawberry Company also endorse YES on Measure A.

If you have questions, please review the facts in the City of Carlsbad’s “Voter Guide” or visit the Measure A Information Center at the corner of Cannon Road and I-5.

I am sure you will discover that this destination will be a beautiful, family-friendly community jewel.

Please vote by mail or at the polls: YES on Measure A!

Ann Kulchin,

former Carlsbad City Councilmember


Remember to vote

There has been a lot of misunderstanding as to what Measure A in Carlsbad is all about.

Those of us who have lived here for many years, as well as many of those who are recent residents know what a great city, we are fortunate enough to call our home.

Over the years we have always had a great Carlsbad City Council that has put the citizen’s best interest ahead of the various special interests. We are the envy of most Cities throughout our state as well as neighboring states.

Most of us realize that the current City Council follows that tradition.  All you have to do is look around the city and you realize what a fantastic job our City Council has done.  As a 40 year resident, I believe Carlsbad has the best City Council ever.

Since we elected them to do what is in the best interests of us Citizens, we trust them to do exactly that.

You might say they are our “proxy” votes on various decisions.

However, sometimes a special interest group comes along that doesn’t agree with our City Council and tries to overturn their vote.

As a result we are having a special election on Feb. 23, to ratify the council’s vote on the Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan, also known as the 85/15 plan.

If you support our City Council, it’s extremely important that you vote yes on “Measure A.”

If you vote by absentee ballot (by mail), please mark yes on Measure A and return your ballot right away.

If going to your polling place, please vote by marking yes on Measure A on your ballot.

If you are still not certain how you should vote, please don’t listen to the fiction and rumors.   Check out the true facts at the Information Center at The Strawberry Fields (Canon Road at Interstate 5), or the city’s website carlsbadca.gov.  If you learn the truth, I’m sure you’ll vote yes on measure A

Just remember, to ratify the council’s vote, even though you support your City Council’s decisions on the Specific Plan, you must vote “YES on Measure A” in the Special Election on Feb. 23.

James Courtney,



Mall won’t improve area

Formerly a citizen of Carlsbad, now Oceanside, disgust over the Carlsbad  mayor and the Caruso initiative is infuriating.

As avid kayakers, often enjoying Hedionda Lagoon/ open spaces west to the ocean, a Nordstrom mall hardly improves that special experience.

Commercials reflect deceptiveness of the Caruso motive, pretending to improve our community.

Exclusivity, self-important incentives for council members is ruining the jewel that is Carlsbad.

True demographics don’t support shopping for the 1 percent-over natural resources, leaving out the majority of families.

Caruso brings traffic, lit parking areas, negative progress to neighbors and wildlife.

Bud Lewis is rolling over, as snooty council members throw the community under the LA bandwagon. Elected officials used to have integrity, now they are just 1 percent-wanna-be’s.

Stephanie Krzyzopolski, 



Jules February 14, 2016 at 2:42 pm

No on A!!! Many Carlsbad residence are apposed to the Caruso and his affiliates plan. Be they the firefighters or the city council, we say no to another mall no mater the size. We want to preserve our lagoons and beaches. Make this a natural habit not increasing the human footprint. This campaign started out as a deceitful invasion and continues to be just that. Living right down the street from cannon, I strongly disagree to your teaming up with the “big guys” in town. I’m disappointed at the time and money that is being spent toward this campaign against so many wishes. Too bad now the coast news has also now joined in against us. Please Carlsbad residence keep fighting!!

Casi February 15, 2016 at 1:23 am

32 years on our city council ??? #FactCheckAnnKulchin

Brian McInerny February 20, 2016 at 7:42 pm

Ann I have lived in Carlsbad for 61 years. I can understand your support of the city council, having served as long as you did, you must remember the bars at the beach wasn’t that fun? As a citizen when Mr Caruso decided to use a “Citizens” initiative that was not authored by citizens and then paid people to make false statements to voters I was appalled. Furthermore it was a tactic to bypass the California Environmental Quality Act. Every other project to date has had to submit to this law. What that means is that the law contributed in every development in Carlsbad to make it the shining city it has become. Now the city council is dismissing this process as unnecessary in future development. So forgive me if I question your logic. I feel when a developer comes to a town and makes statements like “the project is supported and endorsed by all the people that really matter” this person is showing contempt for those who may not agree. This is after all a democracy and ALL the people matter. Thanks for listening.

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