Letters to the Editor

No excuses Rancho Santa Fe and other high-consumption users

Aren’t we in a serious drought?

If our North County, didn’t have gobs of potential recycled water available, I’d say Rancho Santa Fe was faultless to keep all that vegetation alive, using perfectly good potable (drinking) water.  But since, the area sewage treatment plants do dump perhaps 100 million gallons of treated effluent into the sea, (daily) there is no excuse for not creating tier rates for domestic water, that will force the “high-use” communities among us, into planning and implementing maximum “purple pipe water” use.  As a transplant from Riverside County, where, for 10 years, 100 percent of my local agency’s wastewater has been recycled, I am in “negative awe” that this region of San Diego has been so slow to adopt recycling.  Sure infrastructure is not cheap, but it is something that is needed, ASAP.

Local water officials, what have you been thinking?

G. Lance Johannsen, 



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