Letters to the Editor

Policy not to use vinegar 

I was disappointed to hear that San Diego County EMS and the Base Physicians Committee do not support the use of vinegar at lifeguard stations for jellyfish sings.

Readers should contact their city council members and let them know that this well-known and effective remedy should be made available at their community lifeguard stations.

Often, the wrong decision is made at the expense of good, common sense.

Hopefully your political leaders, once notified, will agree.

John Guzman,

Canyon Lake


Leucadia Donuts

After reading the story about Leucadia Donuts I had to admit that just thinking about Leucadia donuts brought a smile to my face even without going there. My wife and I live in Los Angeles and have a second home in Leucadia. We met Tom and Emily almost 26 years ago when our son was little and have been patrons ever since. Our son, who is 25 now, made the visit to Leucadia Donut the focal point of our trip each weekend and when he was younger would make it a rite of passage for each friend he brought along to go there and get a T-shirt. The Leucadia Donut shop Tee’s became more popular than Quicksilver within his peers.

But through all of this the thing that make Tom, Emily and now the new generation of Cheu’s so inspiring is their commitment to assimilating and serving the community that they live in. As people who came to the United States from another land they set an example and influence our lives through their entrepreneurial spirit and common courtesy. I respect them greatly for their accomplishments and we should all be grateful for their efforts. I only have one question. Why did it take The Coast News so long to recognize such an influential couple right under their own nose?

Bernard Lax,

Los Angeles



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