Letters to the Editor

Correct ruling

Judge John Meyer made the correct decision in the Encinitas schools yoga case. 

It sets a strong legal precedent that will help thwart similar challenges by right-wing groups with an agenda to impose their monolithic worldview over a secular curriculum that is intended to serve a diverse student body. The July 5 article “Yoga program passes ‘constitutional muster’,’” did not note that the attorney for the plaintiffs, Dean Broyles, is a part of the National Center for Law and Policy, a right-wing interest group. A look at their website very clearly indicates that they are anti-gay (opposed to marriage equality) and anti-women’s health (opposed to reproductive choice). Thus, Broyle’s argument against the school district — opposition to religion in curriculum — was dishonest and hypocritical. His group is very clear about promoting their singular religious view in education and other public policies.

Eric Miller



Water Fluoridation

Would you swallow sunscreen to get better protection against UVA/B rays?

That is exactly why water fluoridation does not work to protect us from cavities.

Fluoride is supposed to be applied topically either by a dentist or fluoridated toothpaste. Every one of these products warn you to NOT swallow Fluoride and contact poison control if you do.

Fluoride is listed as one of 791 chemicals on California’s Hazardous Waste List, it is toxic.

Besides that it is a drug and administering it to the population without their consent is infringing on individual autonomy rights and unconstitutional.

99% of Europe does not fluoridate their water because of these reasons.

Israel is discontinuing fluoridation.

Last but not least Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch and Solana Beach, our immediate neighbors, do not receive fluoridated water and are not intending to change that. Reasons named are cost, potential opposition and lack of demand.

Did Olivenhain Municipal Water District ask us before they decided to medicate us without consent and additionally charge us for it?

Simone Schad-Siebert, HHP, Encinitas

San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water


Smoke-free fair

The 2013 Fair closed last week with fanfare, a smoke-free environment, and a minimum of cigarette litter. It was wonderful! For those of us who take our families including small children and older adults, the smoke-free policy this year made for a significantly fresher and cleaner experience. It was a healthier, happier environment. I, for one, thank the 22nd Agricultural District Board of Directors for implementing the new smoke-free policy and look forward to future smoke-free fairs. I also commend Fair employees for enforcing the new policy and the groundskeeping crew for keeping the fairgrounds cigarette butt-free in the wake of any who may have overlooked the new policy. We’re all breathing better for it.

Peggy Walker,

Solana Beach


Fixing parking problems

First, what is the Parking Problem in Del Mar? Obviously, not being able to find a parking space when you want one! There is no parking problem in Del Mar at 5 a.m. any morning, but there probably is at 5 p.m. every afternoon, especially between 13th and 15th Streets on weekends and holidays.

Next, who is responsible for the parking problem in Del Mar? Obviously, government!

When Del Mar was founded, the government that controlled planning was the county, and there were no parking requirements when Stratford Square was built. So that huge, iconic building at the corner of 15th Street doesn’t provide one parking space!

Result — a parking problem today! And that goes for most of the buildings between 13th and 15th Streets!

In 1959, Del Mar became a city so that the residents can control their own destiny. So, they adopted parking regulations to require parking spaces be provided for new businesses. Result — a bigger parking problem today! Why? The city government hasn’t enforced it’s own regulations! Just read the list of properties in Del Mar Mr. Conkwright has continually listed that have been developed without providing the required parking per the city’s own regulations!

His list doesn’t even include the two restaurants/bars in Stratford Square, that cause most of the parking problem.

Next, correction of parking problem — city government acquiring property between 13th and 15th Streets (the most demand for parking not provided for) and building a parking structure (below and above ground). While the Parking Problem will never be solved in a successful business area, that would go a long way to correcting errors of the past caused by government!

Ralph Peck,

Del Mar


Swami Param July 16, 2013 at 6:34 am

What is dishonest is the complete distortion of the Sanskrit/Hindu word “Yoga.” Factually, real Yoga is all about the Hindu religion. Interestingly, in pointing fingers at “right-wing Christians,” few consider that in divorcing Yoga from Hinduism, one is advocating the invader and prejudice mindset of redefining the identity of the Hindus.

Swami Param
Classical Yoga Hindu Academy

seo July 17, 2013 at 10:20 am

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