Letters to the Editor

Front page photo

Over the years I have always made it a point to pick up The Coast News. I enjoy the community balance the paper provides.

I recently picked up a Feb. 17, 2017 copy and was dismayed by the cover page showing young school children carrying a sign showing the President of the United States as a pig with the words “Not my tzar.”

As a retired teacher having taught for 33 years at this level, the choice to print this distressed me greatly.

Is this how you want to portray our children as hateful and disrespectful? Who is teaching our children to do this?

It is one thing to disagree with another’s views, but to lower yourself to use children to display such disrespectful banners is despicable.

To use this picture in your paper is without a doubt a poor choice. I hope you can see your way to correct this depiction. This is still America and this is not who we are. We are better than that.

Tom Welle, 



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