Letters: Sept. 3, 2010

In response to Gene Lyons’ Op Ed

Dear Gene,
As an independent voter, I found your commentary “All real journalists: stop being cowards” in the 9/27/2010 edition of The Coast News partisan and unprofessional.
In assailing Rubert Mudoch’s $1 million political contribution to the Republican Governors Association, you overlooked the fact that the vast majority (88 percent) of the editorial writers and reporters of the mainstream press (Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, etc.) contribute consistently to the coffers of the Democratic Party, as well as support it with their voting and story biases.
Increasingly, American voters and taxpayers are turned off by the unbalanced and biased reporting that passes for objective and factual analysis by commentators such as yourself.
At the same time, your account of the mosque controversy in New York City disregards a core position of the protestors. Your commentary frames the issue as one of “religious tolerance and ecumenical outreach” without taking into account the basic issues of accountability and reciprocity. First, what can Americans expect to know right now about the civic values expected from any Islam practiced at this provocative site? Second, how will Iman Felsal Abdul Rauf respond to the highest American ideals of individual dignity and pluralism of ideas?
These observations beg the following questions and responses:
1. Can women lead congregational prayers any day at Park 51 and will the mosque’s swimming pool be segregated between the sexes?
2. Will Jews and Christians be able to use the prayer sanctuary for their services just as Muslims share prayer space with Christians and Jews in the Pentagon?
3. What will be taught about homosexuals, agnostics, atheists and apostasy?
4. Will reform-minded Muslims be able to speak at the Mosque?
5. Will authoritarian Arab countries sanction “ecumentical outreach” and permit the construction of churches and synagogues in proximity to mosques such as Park 51?
6. And finally, will Iman Adul Rauf disclose to Americans where all the funding is coming from to build this controversial mosque?

As Hannah Arendt observed, “let the greater truth prevail.”

William Galle
Cardiff by the Sea

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Chris Smith September 29, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Thank you William. Everyone in mainstream America knows these biased journalists do not speak for the average American, that’s why we are all tuning our ears and eyes elsewhere.

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