Letters: Oct. 31, 2008

New face for 50th
Congressman Brian Bilbray thought he had this election wrapped up. It appears he has reason for serious second thoughts. His opponent, Nick Leibham, out-raised Bilbray by over $150,000 this last quarter, demonstrating the enthusiasm for his campaign. The polling shows the two in a statistical tie, and amongst the 24 percent registered Independents, Leibham leads by 16 points. Leibham’s fresh ideas are resonating with the 50th District; Bilbray’s old Washington politics and ties to Bush are not.
Bilbray may like to say he has “roots to the local community.” The fact is, he lives in Virginia, and rarely shows his face in the district. His voting record doesn’t reflect the views of this district either, voting in favor of offshore oil drilling off our coastline, voting against the GI bill for our many veterans who reside here, and voting repeatedly against incentives for alternative energy. Yes, the 50th is in play; Bilbray may want to update his resume, he may need it soon.
We need more representatives like Nick Leibham in Congress, and the time is now.
Merrill Edelstein
Prop. K is flawed
Proposition K is flawed in that it lumps the “little guy” who lives on site, and who may rent out part of the year only, with large vacation rentals, which charge thousands per week, and rent out year-round.
Short-term vacation rentals under three units already pay $150 per year permitting fee, while hotels and motels aren’t subject to this charge.
When we have too much sand, we are out of balance. The finger reefs are being filled in; kelp is dying. Surfing conditions are adversely affected. The California Coastal Coalition is financed by Encinitas and other cities and government entities, as well as private property owners. The sand is used to armor the bluffs to protect private property owners who aren’t allowed seawalls, except in emergency circumstances, according to the Coastal Commission.
The ultimate goal, as expressed by Steve Aceti, head lobbyist of the Coastal Coalition. is to have artificial reefs. That would further destroy the surf!
Vote No on K! Vote for Bob Nanninga and Joe Sheffo who oppose “Big Sand” and oppose more taxes, and Rachelle Collier who listens to the community. Collier and Nanninga are endorsed by the Sierra Club.
Lynn Braun Marr
Get to the issues already, 50th candidates!
After reading Wehtahnah Tucker’s article a week ago (Oct. 17, 2008), I felt the need to express a few opinions of my own. Nick Liebham wishes to challenge Brian Bilbray to several debates stating that Bilbray is “avoiding” the invitations. I am not sure what the problem is if Bilbray is willing to debate on television or radio-based forums.
Is it really anyone’s fault that there is no sponsor for the media that Bilbray is comfortable with?
Why can’t the two candidates simply get together and come up with solutions rather than fighting over dates and media preferences? What is more important here, arguing over who, where and when or actually arguing the topics that will affect our future? The voters want to hear about the issues and want both candidates to take a stance on important subjects like global warming. Now that this race is really heating up and getting competitive, it is essential that candidates like Liebham and Bilbray step up, listen to their voters, and commit to being leaders on global warming. I would love to be able to hear their respective answers to this simple question: “What is your plan to reduce greenhouse emissions 805 by 2050?” But I can’t if they don’t agree to discuss it! I implore Liebham,
Bilbray, and all politicians facing similar pre-debate problems to please stop bickering amongst yourselves and state your views for your voters!
Matthew Diamond
San Jose

Questioning page 1 pics
I picked up my usual copy of The Coast News at the grocery store today. I like to know what’s happening in our community. I was disappointed to see the best front page news you could come up with was two women getting married at the beach. It’s amusing as I have never seen any heterosexual couple’s marriage photos being published in your newspaper. So why publish these photos? Is this really news or is it “in your face” campaigning?
I believe this article is inappropriate for a community newspaper.
Deborah Hopkins