Letters: Oct. 24, 2008

Machel’s No. 1 Fan
Just wanted to let everyone know how much we love your newspaper! One of the reasons is my favorite section “Machel’s Ranch.” How absolutely clever is that! I can’t wait to read it every time it hits the newsstand. I drop the kids off at school and run and pick up a fresh copy and then head back home as fast as I can so my husband can hear me read it out load to him. I sit at the kitchen table with my coffee and English muffins and go over everything Machel has written. Brilliant! Her writing is so clever, witty, colorful and funny. I now have all my school moms reading “Machel’s Ranch.” I hand out copies in the car line. It is so refreshing to see and read truly entertaining stories about town. Keep up the good work!
Number one fan!
Meredith MacDonald
Rancho Santa Fe