Letters: Oct. 16, 2009

Streetscape workshop worthwhile
The Oct. 10 Streetscape workshop No. 4 saw an informative presentation of the two remaining options for the 101 in Leucadia, including a summary of the traffic studies and factual analysis of the implications. In a nutshell, both plans would comfortably accommodate projected traffic volumes at least through 2030, with similar effect on how many would choose to detour, and with a modest edge to plan 4A (roundabouts, three lanes) on average travel times compared with plan 5 (traffic lights, four lanes).
Also impressive were the impromptu presentations by several members of the community about what they thought of the plans, and the subsequent well-answered questions for both the architects and traffic engineers.
What became clear was that the residents wanted to build a neighborhood corridor they could proudly pass on to the next generation, which finally balanced the needs not just of the motorists, but also of pedestrians as well as bicyclists, and again not just the current groups of enthusiast cyclists but also for those less-experienced riders who currently don’t dare take their bikes to this section of the 101.
One could view the passing of 12 months since workshop No. 3, only to draw up a less-popular fifth option, as an unnecessary delay. On the other hand, if this was what it took for a clear majority, including many prior skeptics, to appreciate the effectiveness and benefits of the plan (No. 4) we were looking at a year ago, then it was worthwhile.
The take-away message from this workshop was that it’s now time now to move on. The architects can finally be relieved of the burden of not knowing which option to focus on, and can start the next phase of their work so that, before too long, our few miles of the historic coast 101 will finally be something we can be proud of.

Shaun Wallace

Current affairs haiku
“YOU LIE !!!” : Conservatives kicking and screaming
into this Brave New World.
Brad Roth

Life more important than landscape
I’m excited by the future vision we have for Oceanside. “Future” is the critical word. In light of cuts approved by the Kern City Council Majority on Wednesday (Sept. 30), we must immediately use all city funds for current operations.
I do not want my money spent on city-funded landscape projects or consulting fees when emergency 911 response time is getting worse.
As a city we cannot afford to invest in any “future” projects while we fail to provide adequate emergency coverage for residents today. I live here in Oceanside along with my family, friends and many others I care about. When it comes to spending money, I personally choose to have a trained, qualified paramedic respond in a 911 call, rather than an ambulance driver who is not trained to stabilize heart attack victims.
My life is far more valuable than any landscaping project. (I am making no judgment of anyone else’s personal value.)
I request that the city officially stop spending money on projects like new landscaping. We must restore our safety services to the minimal levels in place before cuts were approved by Mr. Kern. We cannot ethically afford to choose.

Charles Lowery


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