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Letters: Oct. 10, 2009

Roundabout aren’t what residents want
We feel those who favor three roundabouts in less than two miles are mostly comprised of longtime commercial property owners, paying low property taxes, who would benefit from additional parking, and who could raise their rents. With roundabouts and lane reduction a few would profit at taxpayers’ and fee payers’ expense. Many residents are concerned about increased traffic diverted onto Neptune, Vulcan and other side streets from North 101 when it becomes slowed to a standstill, especially during rush hour.
Business owners Charley Marvin and Morgan Mallory in their Community Commentaries favor roundabouts and reducing traffic northbound to only one lane on Historic North 101, through Leucadia; however, that plan is contrary to what the surveys taken and tabulated at City Hall demonstrate most residents desire. Over 60 percent of those responding didn’t want any roundabouts on Historic North 101, and didn’t favor elimination of one lane. Highways are designed to accommodate through traffic. If speed is a problem, during nonrush hours, a couple of stop signs could help. Speed limits could be enforced.
Also, 101 Czar Peder Norby has said there would be encroachments upon private property with roundabouts. For instance, Leucadia Glass could lose much of its setback from the street. We feel the majority of businesses and residents oppose roundabouts, as evidenced by the nearly 1,000 signatures collected at Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace. An out of area consulting firm was paid more than $80,000, on top of $380,000 plus, to come up with an alternative without roundabouts, and without lane reduction. They should do their job, not act as lobbyists for developers and a few commercial property owners. We favor a plan that would re-establish and maintain our canopy, planting new trees and flowers in the medians, preserving Leucadia’s community character and laid-back charm.
Lynn Marr

‘I am ashamed to call myself a Democrat’
We watched in disbelief as measure after measure for the relief of everyday Americans was washed away by politicians in the pay of Big Business. I am ashamed to declare myself a Democrat. I promise, however, that not another penny of mine will go to Democratic candidates at any level until politicians pass legislation that protects the people, and provides health care for all (single payer); financial reform and meaningful environmental changes.
I urge all citizens to re-register to vote independent and to support only candidates who promise not to accept campaign contributions (bribes) from businesses of any kind. We can take action. We must protect ourselves from this corrupt and shameful parody of governance.
Beatrice Shushan

New high school site toxic?
The EIR for the proposed new Carlsbad high school at Cannon and College roads says “On-site soils are not contaminated and no remediation action is expected to be necessary” ( Page 5.7-5). Yet recently the state Department of Toxic Substances Control released its plan to remove soil contaminated with arsenic and total petroleum hydrocarbons from eight locations on the new high school site. While it is too late to officially comment on this you can still review the clean-up plan at the Dove Library and be added to the information list by emailing And you can let the CBUSD know what you think of how they are protecting your children and our community from these toxic substances.

Diane Nygaard
Preserve Calavera

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Actually & Factually October 9, 2009 at 9:14 am

Ms Marr,
With all due respect, you continually prove you do not understand the issues.
Stop signs are less efficient and more dangerous, ecologically worse, more unattractive and block traffic flow. This is not and never has been driven by a few property owners, but by the entire community. The petition was falacious. Would you recommend 50mph speeds downtown? Why is the Leucadia area different? The survey you refer to was caused by your like minded Andreen, spreading untruths to people who had not even heard of this project that began 16 years ago. Once informed with TRUTH, most of these people realize that Alternative four is is the best solutions to the issues involved.

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