Letters: Nov. 20, 2009

Miramar Food Locker a holiday blessing
My family retired to Oceanside after my husband served 20 years honorably in the United States Marine Corps. I was so happy to read the article and information on the Miramar Food Locker, our family has been blessed at holiday time by the food locker when my husband was a sergeant. We lived on only his income with four children, we did OK, but around the holidays, East Coast family would like to visit, and the grocery bills with extra family was tough. If it had not been for Pat and Rita, our family would not have had such a happy Christmas and Thanksgiving family meal.
The Miramar Food Locker helped so many large, young enlisted families, both Navy and Marine. They helped with offering gently used car sets if they could, and safe serviceable baby cribs. We were even asked if we could use some donated warm winter jackets.
The folks at the Navy Marine Corps food locker made the effort through love and generosity — their love to donate work, and generosity of those who had something like food or goods to donate. Sometimes distributing the gifts from the local community was such a large job, but the Food Locker did what they could to distribute to the proper service members the goods the community donated. I am happy to say our days of needing some assistance are behind us as time went on, but I am always mindful of the support we got when we were in need by the Miramar Food Locker. These women, Pat and Rita, are a huge blessing to the local military community.
Mrs. Master Gunnery Sgt., USMC (Retired), Kevin Roger Weiss
Schools, students need your help
As your Solana Vista and Skyline site presidents for the Solana Beach Foundation for Learning, a nonprofit organization that raises money for our schools, we are concerned about waning community support for our public schools. California’s budget crisis looms large at our local elementary schools. Funding for science, technology, physical education, and visual and performing arts programs depends on us. These programs will vanish without parental and community financial support.
The days of a free, well-rounded public school education have become part of California history. Now our schools depend on donations from parents and community members to provide instruction that inspires curiosity and creativity. To keep California great and growing, we must offer our children more than reading, writing and arithmetic.
Good schools equal strong communities and higher property values for all. So even if you don’t have a child or grandchild in public school, please reach out and help us achieve our goal of providing excellent public education. We urge everyone to donate to the essential cause of keeping our local public schools great by contacting Solana Beach Foundation for Learning at www.sbfl.org.
We look forward to receiving greater community support for our public schools. Every donation, no matter what the size, counts toward providing the children in our community the best public education possible.

Donna Lebert, Michelle Moraga, Nelia Ferris, and Theresa Hill
Skyline and Solana Vista Site Presidents

In support of Kern recall
At the Nov. 4 council meeting, the Lincoln Club and Building Industry Association won a big one. Our water and sewer rates were massively increased above the amount needed to make sure the city’s bonds were secure. The City Staff Report information provided to the council regarding the rate increases clearly shows that the monstrous KFC approved rates were driven by developer project costs. Other much lower rate increases would have covered the Metropolitan Water District rate increase deficits.
KFC even used scare tactics to hide the fact that the growth hormone treated rates were actually needed to cover the over $9 million decrease in revenue to utilities that will result from KFC’s deferral of developer fees for two years. Of course, they wouldn’t tell you that. The Building Industry Association promoted that developer fee deferral and paid off Jerry Kern handsomely with a September donation of $5,000. The Lincoln Club, a group which contributes to any office holder who benefits developers, contributed $6,500 in October to Kern. The president of Citymark, a development whose extra sewer capacity we will now be paying for, made another generous donation to Kern.
Please vote “yes” to Recall Kern. Stop developer giveaways.

Christine Gow
Treasurer, Citizens to Recall Kern