Letters Nov. 14, 2008

The train tunnel under Del Mar is coming

With the passage of Proposition 1A, the prospect of tunneling under Del Mar just got accelerated.
SANDAG transportation committee chairman Jim Madaffer supported this initiative because of “the nearly $2 billion (of the $9 billion) in funding for connecting to local rail … These funds can be used to make improvements to the San Diego-Los Angeles rail corridor from dual tracking to tunneling in sensitive community areas.”
Note: Tunneling in sensitive community areas. The only tunnel planned in San Diego County is under Camino Del Mar in Del Mar.
If we want to stop the tunneling under Del Mar, we must enlist our local politicians to push hard to move the train to where it belongs — along the Interstate 5 corridor. Light rail along the freeway just makes too much sense to not make a hard push for. reight will eventually be moved to along the I-15 corridor. Let’s have a public transportation system that serves people, not fish.
Let your local politicians know that now is the time to move the tracks out of the sensitive lagoons, off the bluff, and not under Camino del Mar.

Jim Benedict
Del Mar

Taking action to save the planet
I was inspired by my community taking action in “Group Rallies to Raise Global Warming Awareness.” We know our air quality is deteriorating, ice caps are melting, and our climate is irregular. We have solutions! It is more urgent now than ever before for us to unite as one and push for the solutions to global warming that exist a reality.
Technology research, investment in wind and solar and green manufacturing would put thousands of jobs into the economy. Congress must take a stand against industries not willing to change for a better America, and support industries that are.
If there is no Earth for our children, we can only blame ourselves for not speaking out sooner. Representatives like our own Brian Bilbray need to take action. Let us give him our concerns and solutions so he can take them to Congress; it is imperative that Rep. Bilbray knows we expect him to commit to green jobs, slashing emissions, supporting renewable energy growth, and doing what science tells us is necessary to curb global warming.
It’s a new America. We must rebuild the strength of our nation and
demonstrate to other countries how important it is to take action for our planet.
Wes Hudlow
Carlsbad, CA

Shores property financing should go to a vote
On tonight’s City Council agenda (Nov. 10), the council is going to do some more fancy city financing for the purchase of the Shores property. The purchase of the Shores property was going to be made by contributions — not payments from Del Mar citizens. Why are they proceeding with paying out city funds to purchase the Shores property without asking the Del Mar citizens if they want to purchase it?
I, for one, do not support such purchase. I would rather see it on the tax rolls. I have looked at the published list of donors, and find a lot of names of Del Mar citizens not included. Do you suppose they also do not support the purchase? Why don’t they put it to a vote of the people?

Ralph Peck
Del Mar

Doing my part
I am very concerned about the effect global warming has on California, especially after reading that 95 percent of California residents breathe air that fails to meet federal air quality standards. Respiratory illnesses afflict members of my immediate family and my concern is that even more pollutants in the air can worsen their situations. It is scary to see my mother and my young niece fighting to breathe.
I know this concern is shared by many in North County and across the world. Last year I gave up my car and switched to public transportation in an attempt to reduce pollution. It has been a hassle to transition, but I am willing to sacrifice some comforts so that others and my future children have a cleaner world!
Now that Rep. Bilbray has been re-elected, I am anxious to have changes implemented into our society so we can stop global warming now and not wait until it is too late. Our leaders need to be willing and able to protect our environment and increase alternative energy instead of continuing to use fossil fuels. Now is the time to invest in wind turbines, solar panels and other sustainable sources.
Leah Oviedo