Letters: May 13, 2011

‘This country doesn’t like its old people’
That’s what my father used to say to me before he died in 1981. Now I am too young for Medicare and not young enough for employers in an already difficult job market. So, not being employed and with pre-existing conditions my health insurance costs me about $6000 dollars a month, just for me, and goes up every year. Therefore, I can only think my father was right!
With no new jobs being created, plus unaffordable health care for seniors, and now even middle class families, the solution seems to be — get sick and die. I try to think there must be other choices, but our state and national government haven’t shown me what those choices might be. If anything they’re cutting back on aid to clinics that could help those without health insurance. AB52, would, if passed give our state some way to fight for seniors and middle class families against higher and higher insurance premiums.

Ronelle Moorehead-Lang